Monday, April 16th

Still in Paul’s office, Chris touches base with Paul but won’t be coerced into sharing theories with Jack (who decides to go home) Chris can’t allow that until the charges are officially dismissed. You’re still in custody.

I’m not leaving! Nick continues to bang and shout until Vikki opens the door. Nikki, Sharon and Phyllis all emerge to feign surprise. No, JT’s not here. They decided to have a phone-free girls party – what’s wrong? Dad said that JT’s the one who attacked him. Vikki pretends to be shocked and has no idea why he would do that. Vikki’s vague on the breakup – it was for the best. JT’s out there somewhere and Nick’s not leaving until the police find that bastard.

Downstairs, in the club’s dining room, Tessa offers to take Hilary’s notes. No, Hilary won’t share her idea with an underling and is not happy when Devon walks in with Simone. You guys have no strings – he’s just knocking you up, right? Tessa cracks. At the bar, Devon assures Simone that Hilary has no more bombshells to drop.

Jack’s annoyed that Chris’ hands are tied for the night (he can’t go home)

Sharon asks Nick to go to the house and check on Mariah – she’s hungover. Her life’s not in danger, Nick won’t budge. Phyllis comes in apparently on the phone with Paul – he’s posting two cops outside. Vikki’s finally the one to get her protective brother to leave – she has all the support she needs. Drive safe ~hug~ Now alone, Phyllis reveals that she lied. But we better get going before Paul DOES send someone over. The four ladies then get back to their unpleasant (and heavy) task.

At the bar, Simone comments that Devon didn’t contact her while she was on the road. He wanted to talk to her face to face – about Hilary. He’d like to pursue his relationship with Simone and isn’t put off by her ultimatum. Hilary knows where we stand, Devon claims. Are you talking to HER about ME? Hilary comes over. This is a private discussion, Devon tries to dismiss Hilary (who points her finger, then faints) Devon breaks her fall. OMG – do you think this means I might be pregnant? Devon gets up – this is low even for you.

Nick’s at Sharon’s with Mariah (who’s reassured to hear that Paul’s sending a squad car over to Vikki’s) Nick got a vibe that the ladies couldn’t wait for him to be gone. Mariah got the same vibe when she woke up from her nap. They agree that Vikki was vague about JT. Nick will press her tomorrow for answers.

The four ladies have managed to drag JT’s body to a cordoned-off section of the park. After some bickering, Phyllis gets them on track and they drag the body closer to a big, convenient hole in the ground.