Tuesday, April 17th

Johnny and Katie on the patio, Phyllis and Billy place an order with Sharon. It must have been one helluva party last night – has Vikki checked in? Billy asks (then is sent to check on the kids so Phyllis can warn Sharon not to confess like she did to Nick) Returning, Phyllis suggests they check on Vikki. Puzzled by all this bonding, Billy wonders what exactly goes on at these girls’ nights? We’ll never tell, Sharon replies.

An attentive Nikki is at Victor’s bedside. Where were you last night? he croaks out.

At home, Vikki pockets JT’s cell phone when the doorbell rings. Paul and an officer are there with a search warrant – he’s looking for clues on JT’s whereabouts (since Vikki has no idea)

Neil’s at the office to comment on returning to find Devon and Hilary arguing. Having met Simone, he hopes she’s the only woman in Devon’s life. Arriving, Lily’s delighted to see her Dad and reports that her scouting trip went well. Scouting trip? Since when does HWG have a modelling division? Neil doesn’t look pleased.

Kyle’s invited Lauren to Jack’s office to discuss his plans for Fenmore’s once Jabot goes public. Lauren doubts that’ll happen now – Jack’s being released and the police are looking for JT. Kyle gripes that no one in the family told him – but don’t count me out just yet.

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At the club, Ashley’s sitting with Abby discussing Jack’s pending release when Kyle calls to announce that he’s convening the board at 11 am to vote on taking Jabot public – see you soon ~click~

When Paul updates Vikki that JT flew back to GC yesterday, she genuinely looks sad as she talks about being on a happy family vacation – and now…. Yes, of course you can search the bedroom – second door on the right, she sends Paul and the officer upstairs (looking nervous)

Neil’s happy that Lily’s joined HWG but why didn’t Devon update him? We’re equal partners – I should have been consulted. He’s also not happy when Hilary waltzes in to say that she works there too. I guess that’s another thing you didn’t want to burden me with, Neil scowls at Devon.

Billy and Phyllis have brought the (unseen) kids back to Vikki’s – who mopes about their confusion over JT not coming home with them. Billy thinks she’s doing well – stay strong – call anytime, day or night. Hearing a thud, Vikki tells them that Paul’s upstairs searching the bedroom. Vikki gasps when she sees ‘the’ poker in Billy’s hand. Everything alright? he asks.

Still hovering over Victor, Nikki explains that she was at Vikki’s – she’s devastated that JT did this to you. He hurt her… physically – find JT, Victor croaks. No police. Find JT. You want to conduct your own investigation? Nikki will call Victor’s guys but JT could be anywhere – maybe back in Poland. Vowing to do anything to protect Vikki, Nikki will go as far as Victor would, maybe further.