Monday, April 16th

You think I was faking? Hilary accosts Devon at the bar – yet again insulted by his accusations before ‘boozing it up’ with his girlfriend. Melodramatic much? Simone sneers. Devon has to escort a hysterical Hilary to the door – butt out, we’re not in a relationship. If I’m pregnant I’ll be part of your life for the next 18 years. You slept with me TWICE, she shouts. Neil appears at the revolving door – you’re both out of line and this has got to stop!

Jabot is being threatened – Jack needs to get out and fix things. Chris doesn’t think that 12 hours will make a difference but will call a judge for tomorrow. So an innocent man spends another night in jail and a murderer runs free – doesn’t get any sorrier than that, Jack snarls.

1, 2, 3 – JT’s body lands with a dull thud in the hole and Vikki is the first one to shovel dirt into it (as the sound of sirens comes and goes)

Next: Jack’s fate is decided … Paul searches for JT…. Ashley prepares for battle.

My Thoughts: That’s right. I called it. The four ‘intelligent’ women are going to bury JT right in the middle of town. How insulting to Kay’s memory that her garden will be used as a convenient dead body disposal site? Let’s not pretend anyone will pause to remember JT; it’s not like anyone remembers the tree planted in memory of Delia …. What will Vikki do with her stupid carpet? It’s covered in everyone’s DNA. She can’t very well put it back in the attic. The Newmans should be better at this – they’ve had so much practice disposing of dead bodies…. Mishael Morgan (as Hilary) did a great job today of portraying the crazy, jealous ex-girlfriend. Devon’s right – she does need to eat something… Great to see KSJ back but the only thing that will safe Devon at this point is Hilary NOT being pregnant. Simone should run either way.