Wednesday, April 18th

Jack gets off the elevator and looks around with a smug smile. After a few terse words with Kyle (who claims he wants to help his Dad ‘catch up’) Jack declines assistance and closes the office door behind him.

On the elevator at NE, Vikki nervously replays recent events in her head.

At HWG, Devon finds Lily packing up Hilary’s things. Neil arrives to confirm that he won’t change his mind – he’s proud of Devon’s efforts but things are gonna be different around here starting now.

Back at NE, Ashley and Abby express concern for Vikki (assuming she’d want to take some time off) Reading a file, Vikki’s sorry to disappoint but with JT gone she has plenty of time and energy to take care of the company in her Dad’s absence.

At CL’s, Nick and Billy discuss Vikki and JT. Neither thought it would go the way it did or know why they broke up. Nick knows he’s not getting the full story (Vikki broke it off BEFORE she knew JT was the one who attacked their Father)

Jack’s leaving Gloria a message – he knows she took a vacation after being poorly treated by Kyle but he’s back now and needs a trusted copilot. Kyle comes in to say that the assistant he brought from NY is good – give her a chance. Give me a chance too. Jack’s busy – maybe later. Wait, maybe I can squeeze you in.

Ashley reminds Vikki that she was demoted (leaving HER as acting CEO) The memo never made it to HR, Vikki claims it’s not valid. She’ll do her Dad’s job while he’s recovering. No, we’re not going to ask Victor. Nikki arrives to rudely dismiss Abby – she has an important announcement about the future of Newman Enterprises.

Still in the office, Lily talks about synergy in action – she found some great models to represent various divisions of HWG. Hilary arrives to be told this is executive meeting is for board members and family. Well, since Hilary’s sure she’s carrying a bundle of joy, she’ll stay to watch out for the baby’s interests.

Taking a seat, Hilary claims that her input is as important as everyone here, maybe more. Neil doesn’t think so – we don’t need your ideas – go back to GC Buzz. Hilary does have a meeting she needs to attend. Get going – you don’t want to be late, Neil sends her packing. Lily’s impressed. Neil wants the company to come first and will lead by example. In full support, Lily leaves Devon to complain that Neil’s dictating how he runs his life and this business.