Tuesday, April 17th

With everyone in Jack’s office except for Phyllis, Kyle wants to get started right away. Lauren seconds his vote to take Jabot public. It’s four in favour – four against when Phyllis arrives to vote with Lauren; Jabot’s going public. Ashley stands to announce that she has information that will make this vote invalid. You’re going to regret trying this, she warns Kyle.

You can’t just kick me out, Hilary tells Neil (who says he can and wants Hilary to stay away from his family) That will be hard if the next member of this family is growing inside me, Hilary smirks. Hearing about the baby-contract, Neil thinks that worse than Devon slipping up one night.

Sharon and Nikki are back at CL’s to quietly discuss throwing the rug in an incinerator at the ranch; it’s charcoal now. Nikki only has the memories and guilt to worry about.

Vikki’s glad to see her Dad looking so much better. Victor feels better. Taking a seat, Vikki brings up what JT did to her and assumes her Dad thinks her weak and selfish – I let my fear of being alone influence my decisions. I should have been stronger. You were right, I was wrong. I hurt so many people; the kids, you, she prattles on. Victor mumbles – not your fault. JT. Vikki lays across her Daddy’s chest.

You don’t have the authority to run this company OR take it public. Ashley’s about to drop the bomb when Jack walks in to withdraw his son’s motion – the vote is null and void. Now, get out of my chair, he glares down at Kyle.

Next: Nick vows to protect Vikki …. Neil challenges Devon … Nikki makes a power move.

My Thoughts: Stay where I can see you, Billy calls out to Johnny and Katie as he heads to the CL’s counter with Phyllis. But how can he see them with his back turned while he’s chatting to Sharon and Phyllis? Why couldn’t he have stayed with the kids and let Phyllis place the order? Billy, of all people, should know better than to leave a young child unattended … If I was a gambler, I’d take bets on which of the four women will blab first; will Sharon tell Nick or Mariah? or will Phyllis tell Billy? (he’s going to be pretty pissed about her voting with Lauren) Or will Nikki or Vikki tell Victor? Perhaps Vikki will confide in Billy to drive a wedge between him and Phyllis. Or perhaps Phyllis will tell her BFF Mike. As we all know, secrets don’t stay secrets forever. At some point, the truth will come out. Of course, Nikki will be exonerated of murder charges – but, in reality, all four would be found guilty of desecration of human remains and obstruction of justice at the very least. In some states (I got confused and gave up) it’s a felony resulting in no more than three years in prison or fined not more than Five Thousand Dollars ($ 5,000.00), or both, in the discretion of the court (this is where Victor’s connections and the ‘brilliant’ Mike come in)…. Odd that Chris is more focused on keeping Jack incarcerated than going after Victor for the global price fixing she’s so sure he’s guilty of …. Great to see Neil back – and great that he’s putting Hilary in her place (and her place is NOT at HWG) That said, I don’t look forward to him and Devon being at odds. They’ve overcome too many personal issues to have their relationship ruined by business…. I don’t know who Jabot’s two random board members are but it’s weird that they have no problem taking an important vote with no notice – and no Jack. Surely it could wait 24 hours. Wouldn’t they want more of a presentation? Projected profits etc.? Do they even know Kyle? … Really? Jack’s been getting visitors non-stop and at all hours yet now that he’s cleared, Abby and Ashley can’t see him for 30 seconds to get his signature?