Wednesday, April 18th

Jack and Kyle sit down for a chat. Jack know his son felt pushed aside by Phyllis and is disgusted by him using the blood clause against Ashley and making decisions based on ego. We were in a good place when you left for NY. Something or SOMEONE changed that (and Jack wants answers)

On the patio, Billy and Nick agree that it’s crazy that Sharon, Phyllis and Vikki bonded. Nick thinks Vikki needs more than support; she and the family need answers and closure; which won’t happen with JT missing.

Announcing that Victor’s given her instructions, Nikki ends the bickering between Ashley and Vikki to say that neither of them is taking over. Who is? Me, Nikki surprises them.

Mosey in from the patio, Billy’s sure Paul and his team will find JT. Nick wishes he shared his confidence.

Knowing her announcement is surprising, Nikki assures Ashley that she IS qualified to run NE (then sends her off to compile a list of pressing matters) Nikki’s left to ask Vikki if she’s OK with this. Honestly, no – Vikki is not.

Devon thinks he did a good job in Neil’s absence. Neil blasts Devon for tying himself to Hilary with a baby. Devon just wants to be a Father – he regrets the contract he signed with Hilary and hopes she’s not pregnant. He also won’t be lectured by someone who’s made his own mistakes.

Why didn’t you reach out to me? Why didn’t YOU reach out to ME? Kyle echoes Jack’s question. He blames his Dad for the distance between them and has come to realize that he must fight for what he wants. Yes, even if that means fighting his Dad.

At CL’s, Lily has a surprise for the twins. Grandpa! After hugs, Neil reports that Sofia’s better than ever and is proud that they’re both helping out at HWG. The future is yours for the taking, he tells them as they leave for school. Neil’s then left to talk to Lily about trust and communication. It won’t be easy with Hilary around. Neil asks Lily to step back and let him handle Hilary.

Hilary joins Devon at the club to admit that she maybe crossed the line. Tired of Hilary causing him problems (with Simone and his family) Devon walks off.

Still in her Dad’s office, Vikki admits that she wanted to be in charge to prove he can trust her again. Nikki thinks her being in charge is the best option – you need time to come to terms with things. Yes, Nikki’s just as involved but is determined to be strong for both of them.

Over at Jabot, Jack wonders why Kyle went to Victor for help – going public would leave Jabot vulnerable to take over. He’s done this before and won’t risk losing the family company. It doesn’t feel like a family company to Kyle. Jack plans to remedy that. Kyle hopes he keeps his word this time. Glad they talked, Jack leaves Kyle to make a call – I need you to come to Jabot right away.

Now at Jabot, Abby and Ashley bump into Billy. Kyle opens the office door – good you’re all here, just in time. The trio look puzzled.

Nick confronts Vikki at NE. He has a lot of questions about JT and where he might be.