Thursday, April 19th

Victor’s still in bed but dressed and getting a scolding from Nikki for signing himself out against doctor’s orders. Victor has a doctor coming to the house – tell me about JT. Let the police do their job, Nikki’s on her way out but pauses to glare at Victor when Helen arrives.

At CL’s, Sharon and Phyllis worry about Nick going after JT. Distract him? Sharon’s done everything she can think of to get Nick’s attention – except stripped naked. Phyllis stresses that it’s Sharon’s job to get Nick in line. He’ll listen to you. Paint a dot on Christian’s face and ask if it’s Chicken Pox. On cue, Nick sends Sharon a text – he wants to meet her – at the Chancellor Park garden.

Back home, Jack tells Ashley and Abby that he doesn’t trust Kyle; he’s an Abbott only in name, this isn’t his last play for Jabot. Abby feels slighted that her Dad’s been working with Kyle from afar while she’s been at his side the whole time. That’s because Victor knows you wouldn’t betray the Abbotts – Kyle would, Ashley reasons. Abby thinks Kyle’s in over his head – he thinks he’s working with Victor, not FOR him. Ding dong. Let in by Ashley, Kyle asks if there’s any more room at the inn for another Abbott.

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Cane and Lily are catching up over dinner at the club. She loves her job; it’s demanding but exciting. Yes, Cane’s ready to go to the coat room. Lily offers him a dance instead.

Nikki’s miffed that Helen’s there to drive Victor home. Thanks to Paul, she and Nick know that Helen is Victor’s mistress. When Victor asks were Nikki was the night he was attacked, she’s suddenly out of words.

Back in town for good, Kyle would rather stay at the Abbott home than the club. The ranch isn’t an option; it’s too far out of town – plus, I’m an Abbott, not a Newman. Jack’s not sure it’s a good fit. Kyle just wants to make up for lost time. Dina appears – I vote yes.

On the patio, Phyllis calms Sharon down and asks why Nick would want to meet her at the park. Even if he found something connected to JT – there’s nothing to connect it to us. Sharon reminds that Nick managed to find Chloe. Yeah, but she was alive. Sharon’s sorry she’s not a professional liar. You’re a good amateur, Phyllis quips – just as Sully/Christian. We’re only as strong as our weakest link (and Phyllis clearly thinks that’s Sharon)