Wednesday, April 18th

Seated at the bar, Hilary calls out to Neil when he comes through the revolving door. No, I’m not dealing with you. Please, stop – Hilary runs to the staircase to apologize. Whether she’s pregnant or not, we’ll be working together. Can’t we just start over? Neil’s not buying the act – he’ll be watching her every more. Hurt anyone I love and you can kiss your job goodbye, he warns and heads upstairs.

Jack’s surprised to find that Kyle’s throwing him a little welcome back party. His Dad’s return is almost as good as the Rangers winning the Stanley Cup this year. We may not see eye to eye but we have a lot in common – love for this family and company. Let’s build John Abbott’s legacy together. Raise a glass to Jack and the future. All the Abbott’s look like Kyle’s pouring it on a bit too thick.

Devon rejoins his Dad at the office after a walk in Chancellor Park. Kay spirit kicked him in the butt. Devon apologizes for walking out and arguing over things he’s already beat himself up for. Neil’s sorry he wasn’t more sensitive and will support Devon 100%. Both express appreciation for (and have missed) each other.

As the guests mingle in the office, Jack praises Kyle’s nice words. It was from the start – Kyle wants to start over – in GC. Remember you gave me grandpa’s compass? This is Kyle’s place – if his Dad will give him the chance. Jack agrees to give it a shot. Aside, Abby and Ashley remain sceptical but with Jack back, the secret of his paternity must remain a secret. Jack’s now telling Billy that he didn’t believe a word Kyle said. Victor’s turned him against me but Jack wants to repair the damage – he could use some help watching Kyle. Yes, he’s offering Billy a job (which he accepts) Welcome back, they clink glasses.

On Victor’s office, Nick pressures Vikki for anything she may have left out. Vikki left out what a fool she was. She has questions too but wants to move on and focus on the kids. Reed’s furious. Yes, he knows JT was the one who attacked his grandfather. Nick again asks where JT could be. Let the police handle this, Vikki doesn’t agree that Paul’s not doing all he can. Nick won’t rest until JT’s punished. If the cops can’t do it, I will (he slams out)

Next: Jack confronts Victor …. Phyllis gives Sharon a warning… Kyle plays with fire.

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