Friday, April 20th

Vikki convinced herself that she could make things work with JT (because their chemistry was so intense) She then relays JT locking her phone away in Hawaii and trying to get her to leave everything behind. No, JT didn’t get physical in Hawaii – she left with the kids before that could happen. The therapist has seen the news – JT tried to kill your Father. Vikki feels it’s all her fault (because she didn’t break things off with JT sooner) In a repeat of her last session, Vikki again hurries out with apologies and tears.

Despite Victor winning the chess game, Reed still wants answers – I can handle it. Feeble Victor found out JT’s secret – he worked at NE and reunited with Vikki because he wanted to put me back in prison. No! Reed sweeps chess pieces onto the floor. When Nikki appears, Reed exclaims that his grandpa is making up lies about his Dad!

Hilary returns to the office to announce that she has news. Devon busy on the phone, she writes on a sticky note and attaches it to the pregnancy test (Apparently, they’re having a baby)

Now home, Vikki calls her Mom – worried because JT’s car’s gone (maybe the police seized it) Reed drove it to the ranch, Nikki informs – then both she and Victor scold Reed for driving without a license. Nikki understands that he’s upset, but you’re not the only one.

Downstairs, at the bar, Devon doesn’t believe Hilary. She has another test in her suite she can take. You’re gonna be a babydaddy. Cheers, she raises her glass of sparkling cider.

As Devon tries to wrap his head around Hilary’s announcement, she’s decided that she’s fine with ripping the contract up and being a single Mother. Her baby’s Father can be listed as ‘anonymous donor’.

Arturo comes downstairs to notice Abby crossing her legs. He joins her table for some mutual flirting. When she wonders what machine he does his 75 minutes of cardio on, Arturo claims to do it the old-fashioned way. It’s much more pleasant. Abby all but drools.

Reed off cleaning the stables as punishment, Nikki gives Victor his medication. She understands that Reed’s devastated – he’s an artistic and sensitive kid. Victor thinks him tough; what is Nikki implying? Does she have something personal to discuss? Nikki chides Victor for forcing her to play hostess while Helen hijacked his homecoming. Let’s not do that again, she marches off.