Monday, April 23rd

After Nikki reassures Victor that his investigators will find JT, Paul drops by the ranch with some news. Have a seat, Nikki goes to fetch coffee.

Vikki yanks the earbuds out of Reed’s ears and confiscates his laptop. Why aren’t you in school?! She knows Reed wouldn’t be giving her attitude if JT were here. But he’s not, because of YOU! Reed fires back.

The coast clear, Kyle sneaks into the office. But no sooner has he sat behind his Dad’s desk and put the SD card into the computer – Jack appears to ask if he’s comfortable.

Devon informs Neil that he’s overriding him – Hilary and Mariah will work from the HWG office (not the station) He likes the energy and having everyone working from one place. Across the office, Tessa and Mariah both get texts messages. Next, Lily’s phone goes off – she’s inviting me? she’s surprised. Me too, Neil scowls at his phone. Devon marches out and immediately encounters Hilary; who’s invited everyone out for lunch to announce their news. Yes, everyone will find out, Devon agrees – but not like this and not today.

Gloria’s surprised when Kyle calls from Jack’s phone – to apologize and ask her to come to the office to talk. Put Jack on, Gloria demands, then tells him that she did indeed receive all his messages – if Jack wants her back he’ll have to beg. BEG!

Nikki returns as Paul asks Victor to pool their resources. If Victor knows where JT is, Paul must know. Of course, he wants to catch JT. Why did he have this (Victor’s tablet)? Paul asks. Have you seen what’s on it? Victor mumbles weak outrage. No, it’s password protected, Paul explains. What’s on that tablet is why Victor wants JT caught (and taken off Paul’s payroll)

Hilary’s sorry – she should have given everyone more notice. What’s the announcement everyone wonders? Hilary just wanted to boost morale. Devon says everyone’s busy so they’ll reschedule soon. As everyone gets back to work, Devon takes Hilary aside to thank her. Yes, he’s concerned how Simone will take the news – and others (they look over at Neil and Lily chatting)

Reed knows his Dad wouldn’t leave without saying goodbye and he isn’t responding to calls or messages. He’d send a postcard if he had to. Reed even called Mac. What happened between you and Dad??? I’m not perfect, Vikki admits in tears. Reed could see that his Mom never thought his Dad good enough. JT was everything to me, he didn’t believe it, Vikki’s vague – he did things…. What he did …to your grandfather. It’s too much to forgive. No, Reed doesn’t understand; he misses his Dad.

Victor hands the tablet over so Paul and Nikki can see the video of JT roughing Vikki up. Taking the tablet (evidence) Paul leaves Victor to say that the police better find JT before he does. Nikki is furious and tight-lipped.