Friday, April 20th

After another sleepless night, Vikki frets to her Mom at the club. JT turned into a monster – I’m the one who… stopped him, Nikki encourages Vikki to get past her guilt – for all of us.

Reed visits Victor at the ranch – forget chess, he has questions about his Dad.

Good morning – Hilary arrives at HWG hoping to chat with Devon (who gives her the cold shoulder and begins a video conference) A pregnancy test in her purse, Hilary leaves without further word.

This will fade into a distant memory, Nikki assures Vikki; who’s taking a sick day. I love you, Vikki leaves (as Arturo sits at a nearby table)

What are you up to? Abby asks Kyle (still at the Abbott mansion) SD card hidden in his hand, Kyle was about to ask her the same question.

Kyle and Abby discuss their grandmother. Sweeping ashes into the fireplace, Abby talks about sorting fact from fiction; Dina can’t remember what she had for breakfast but can vividly recall events from decades ago. After Charlie’s done editing all the footage, Kyle looks forward to seeing the finished product.

‘Well, hi there’, Nikki takes a seat to praise Arturo’s work at Rainbow Gardens – and ask if he really was too busy to meet her last night. Victor’s recovering and knows she’s seeing someone. How about we go upstairs? she intices.

Reed agrees to play chess with Victor on one condition. If he wins, he gets to ask his grandpa questions about his Dad.

Vikki appreciates the therapist seeing her right away. Do you feel physically in danger today? the doctor asks. Not answering, Vikki regrets not breaking things off with JT after her last solo session. Allowing things to continue was the worst mistake of my life.

Coming downstairs hand in hand, Nikki and Arturo praise each other’s energy levels. Having heard that Victor had his girlfriend over last night, Arturo’s perfectly OK with revenge sex – and is now going for a shower. ‘Mmmmm, lucky soap’, Nikki coos seductively.