Friday, April 20th

Victor thought it’d be OK to invite Helen to the house because he and Nikki agreed to be open with one another. Yes, Nikki agrees – and boasts that she was with her gentleman friend this morning. When Kyle drops by, Nikki leaves to go drive Reed home. That leaves Victor to say that Jack was here all upset. No, Victor’s not upset that Kyle wasn’t able to take Jabot public. But no, he can’t have a job at NE (yet) Kyle to basically be Victor’s mole at Jabot. Told that Abby’s up to something recording Dina, Victor tells Kyle not to get distracted.

As Hilary pecks at her salad at the bar, Devon refuses to rip up the contract – he won’t let this baby grow up thinking his Father’s an anonymous donor. So you care about this baby’s feelings but not the woman who’s giving birth to it? Hilary tells Devon to go have fun with Simone while she handles appointments and Lamaze classes alone. It’s my baby too, Devon WILL be involved.

When Nikki brings Reed home, Vikki sends him upstairs to think about his reckless behaviour. Hearing how worked up Reed was, a helpless Vikki doesn’t know what to do. We help him get through this, is Nikki’s answer.

Kyle doesn’t see how Victor will be able to take over Jabot if it doesn’t go public – and he’s being sidelined by Jack and Billy. Victor wants Kyle to play the long game; be patient son – rebuild your relationship with Jack and be a good employee.

Still at the club, Abby and Arturo talk about Rainbow Gardens (a job Arturo found satisfying in every possible way) Your brother’s a good guy. And my stepmother? Abby knows Nikki strikes a hard bargain. As they toast to unexpected, new friendships, Nikki comes in the revolving door – sees them – and exits before the door even stops spinning.

Vikki has a heart to heart with Reed. She knows how hard this must be for him. Is it true that Dad only came back to dig up dirt on Grandpa? Yes, Vikki admits – but it’s not the only reason. JT wanted us to be a family again but he had anger inside him (that he never showed Reed) Vikki then dashes Reed’s hopes that his Dad will come back. He’s never coming back? JT cries in his Mother’s arms.

My Thoughts: I’m not sure Nikki and Victor are clear on what an open marriage is. Sure, they’re open to have relations with others, but there’s no need to rub one another’s faces in it. Nikki and Arturo came down the stairs at the club holding hands. And is Victor so besotted with Helen that he had to have her over to the home he shares with Nikki? They’ve only known each other for a few weeks… Is Nikki channelling Mae West? ‘mmmm lucky soap’ just doesn’t have the same ring as ‘why don’t you come and see me sometime?’. She’s setting herself up for a level of heartache and humiliation that’s sure to send her running straight to the nearest bottle of vodka … It’s been a while since I’ve been around stables – but I do know that if Reed was cleaning out horse stalls, he wouldn’t be looking and smelling like he just got out of the shower…. When Nikki called Reed artistic and sensitive rather than ‘tough’ and Victor asked ‘what are you implying’ – I wish he’d said ‘are you implying my grandson is gay?!’ Good for you Hilary – saying you’ll go to Lamaze classes alone just shows that you have no idea what Lamaze class is. Like conception, it’s not something you can do alone.