Monday, April 23rd

Leaving with Mariah, Hilary exchanges a few ‘tense’ words with Simone (who’s then encouraged by Devon’s attention and Lily and Neil’s support)

Kyle’s dutifully made several calls to apologize and must now do Gloria’s job until she returns. I’d be happy to, he lies (and gets back to the reception desk without being able to get his hands on the laptop/SD card)

Paul’s called Cane over to the club to ask him questions about JT. He seemed upset the night he disappeared – but not angry; he was remorseful. He said I wouldn’t see him after tonight – but I’d hear things. Cane assumed JT was referring to what happened with Victor. No, he didn’t go back to Vikki’s to pack up, Paul informs and no, he doesn’t think JT killed himself but then again, maybe he didn’t know JT as well as he thought.

Nikki unleashes on Victor about having video evidence that JT abused Vikki. You violated her privacy and handed it over to the police without Vikki even knowing you have it! She never wanted JT’s abuse to ‘get out there’. Did you know and do nothing to rescue her? Victor accuses. Nikki would have done anything to get Vikki out of that relationship and that’s eventually what happened. Having somewhere to be, Nikki leaves Victor wondering what she meant.

At the station, Mariah assumes that Hilary’s mood has suddenly changed – want to talk about it? I’m not allowed, Hilary pouts. When has that ever stopped you before? Mariah walks off to let the gears turn in Hilary’s head.

All business, Nikki’s glad Arturo could join her at the club on short notice. The next meeting will be at the ranch. No, it won’t be awkward – Victor doesn’t know we used to see each other. Used to? Yes, Nikki wastes little time letting Arturo know that she saw him with her stepdaughter. You could have let me know that yesterday would be the last time (we were together) she looks pissed.

As Paul’s about to ring the doorbell, Reed slams out (ignoring Vikki shouting his name) He has a lot of questions, she explains to Paul. Inside, Paul relays what JT said to Cane (he implied he wouldn’t see him again) Stating his plans to have JT’s car impounded and searched, Paul adds that JT told Cane he was coming here. He then tells Vikki that there’s a video on the tablet – of her and JT fighting. Vikki doesn’t understand – how is that possible?

Jack comes out of the office talking to the nurse on his phone – you can’t take my Mother out dressed like that. Hanging up, Jack declines Kyle’s offer to go take care of Dina. Gloria marches in to scoff praise from Kyle (her job’s harder than he thought) Playing hard to get (and not trusting Kyle’s flattery) Gloria only came to tell Jack to stop texting her but when Kyle joins Jack in apologizing (and offering a new title, a raise and extra vacation time) and hearing that Jack fired Helen (Victor’s mole) Gloria is almost sold. Kyle steps in to tell Gloria not to accept unless she gets a 3 hour/5 martini lunch with the boss. Shall we? Jack escorts Gloria out (leaving Kyle to duck into Jack’s office)