Monday, April 23rd

Nikki’s not interested in sharing Arturo with her stepdaughter – that’s too close for comfort. Arturo’s not sleeping with Abby and knows Nikki’s enjoying their time as much as he does. Both are turned on by the idea of meeting at the ranch (right under the oblivious Victor’s nose)

Paul had is suspicions about JT but didn’t expect that. Neither did Vikki (who didn’t report the incident because she lost control too) Paul wishes she’d come to him – his ex-wife was abused; April killed the man who battered her. It’s not that Vikki didn’t trust Paul; she was embarrassed and wanted to fix it. You can still file charges against JT. Vikki doesn’t see the point – he’s never coming back. How can you be so sure?

Shown to the door, Paul again asks why Vikki’s so sure JT’s not coming back – his clothes, car and kids are here. Vikki’s sure.

The gang at HWG watches the last bit of GC Buzz. Hilary interrupts her segment to announce her amazing news – I’m pregnant!! Devon Hamilton is the Father. Mariah looks shocked. Back at HWG, Simone, Neil, Lily and Devon all look shocked too.

Unable to access the video footage on the SD card, Kyle’s about to throw it out then reconsiders.

Next: Nick calls a truce with Victor…. Phyllis does damage control …. Billy takes the reins at Jabot.

My Thoughts: I may have missed a bit of the show today due to breaking news alerts about an incident in Toronto today; oddly enough about 10 minutes away from where I was attending an appointment. Reportedly, 9 are dead and 16 injured. My thoughts today are with the victims and their families …. That said, here are my other thoughts; If the Chief of Police and his even more highly ranked wife can’t crack Victor’s password protected tablet, maybe Paul should have found a replacement for Kevin – or not turned JT down when he sold out Vikki and practically begged for the job (a job which Kevin said JT would be perfect for. Clearly being a criminal doesn’t preclude one from being hired onto the force) …. What’s going on with Mariah’s wardrobe? It’s like someone suddenly cut all the sleeves and lower half of her skirts/dresses off. I haven’t spotted the wrist tattoo (one of the few things we saw when the character was first introduced as the mystery woman stalking Tyler and Abby) …. The only energy Hilary brings to the office is negative energy; but Devon’s made his bed – and now he can pay for it for the next 18 years or so… I guess I guess Hilary’s never heard that some women prefer to wait until the first trimester is over before announcing their pregnancy. Is it OK to wish a miscarriage on a fictional character? Since no one at HWG likes Hilary, least of all Lily – why would she happily suggest they all watch the end of her show? … All those millions and Nikki has to make her own coffee? You’d think she’d just pick up a little bell and ring for service…. Always good to see Gloria being so glorious. Who knew she was so indispensable? Makes me wonder who’s running things at Newman; it’s certainly not any of the Newmans or Ashley…. Odd that Nikki would find it uncomfortable to share a man with her stepdaughter when she’s shared at 2 men with her daughter (Cole and Brad) … Go Leafs!!!!