Tuesday, April 24th

Texting Phyllis, Billy arrives at Jabot dressed for his new role. Jack welcomes him back, followed by Kyle – who wonders what his title is. Billy’s COO, my second in command, Jack informs. Kyle kinda thought that would be his. Billy thanks Kyle for botching his brief stint so badly. Let’s get started, all three file into Jack’s office.

Phyllis texts Billy a lie – she’s meeting a vendor. Instead, she’s at Vikki’s for an update. Concerned to hear about Paul’s visit, Phyllis is even more worried to learn that Victor had a camera installed (that caught JT abusing Vikki) If he installed a camera upstairs, Victor might have footage of that fateful night.

‘You’re all set’ – done shaving Victor, Nikki greets Nick by saying he’s early for the meeting. Good, Victor wants to talk to Nick about something.

On the CL’s patio, Sharon blathers on about how sorry she is to Reed. No offence but he barely knows ‘good listener’ Sharon and talking about his Dad won’t make any of this any better. My Dad worked so hard to bring the family together – why would he ghost me like this?

After Billy sends Phyllis a text about making him wait (so hot), Jack gives Kyle instructions for the day (purging records in the library) Billy’s to ‘hit the ground running’ – with a review on manufacturing and how to cut costs. Kyle’s R&D priority list has also been given to Billy (who wants to launch a major initiative that goes company wide) Kyle would like to be involved – he is young after all. Billy again puts his nephew in his place – I know what women want, trust me.

Coming down from checking for cameras upstairs, Vikki’s not surprised there are none – we’d be in jail if Victor had footage of what we did to JT. After getting some insight from her therapist, Vikki tells Phyllis that her focus is being strong for her kids.

Still on the patio, Sharon counsels Reed. No one hates your Dad – we’re all just shocked at what JT did to Victor. For some reason, Reed blames his Mom for always forgiving JT, then one mistake and he’s gone. I love my Dad. IThis sucks.

Back at the ranch, Victor lets Nick know that he heard him fighting for him (not to be taken off the ventilator) then cries as he chokes out – it meant a lot. You’d be there for me, Nick knows – I love you; you’ll always be my Dad. Thank you, Victor weeps.

Billy doesn’t think Kyle enjoyed his lesson in humility. True, but Jack hopes Billy focuses on his work. He wouldn’t make his brother COO if he didn’t think he was up to it. Good, because Billy wants to represent Jabot as the world’s leading cosmetics company. Yes, that’s usually the CEO’s job but with the PR issues, Billy thinks it best Jack steps back a bit. Jack grabs the baseball out of Billy’s hand to remind him that he’s the boss. He doesn’t need another Kyle trying to take over.