Tuesday, April 24th

At CL’s, Nikki and Sharon whisper about poor Reed – he only know his Dad took off without a word. We’ll just have to live with it, Nikki decides and is horrified when Sharon suggests they go to Paul. No, Nikki orders.

On the patio, Reed calls Billy (who doesn’t have time to talk since it’s his first day at Jabot but without hesitation agrees to drop everything to meet him)

Outside Jack’s office, Kyle jumps up to accost (and praise) Ravi (who notes how impolite Kyle was when he was CEO and busy firing everyone) Kyle continues to praise the rock star of IT. OK, what do you want from me? Ravi finally asks.

On the patio, Reed tells Billy that he doesn’t think he can live with his Mom anymore. He can’t help but blame her for making him give JT a chance. And now, his Dad’s a criminal – what am I supposed to do with that? I can’t ask questions. Billy doesn’t know everything that went on but knows how much Vikki loves Reed. Focus on your life. Reed can only do that if he does something drastic.

Nick holds a straw to Victor’s lips so he can drink. Nikki returns to hear that Father and son had a nice talk. Has there been any word on JT? Victor asks. No and Nikki thinks that’s for the best. Nick wants JT to pay – especially after hearing that JT worked for Paul and Chris and abused Vikki – I have video of him choking her. Furious, Nick vows to kill JT if he ever shows up again.

Nick continues to rant and rave about JT abusing Vikki – why didn’t his Mom tell him? Nikki won’t let him go ‘grill’ Vikki; it’s the last thing she needs. Nikki then goes to the door to let Arturo in – I’m so happy you’re here. After Arturo is greeted, Nick says he invited Sharon. Devon’s busy. Jack shows up next to take a jab at Victor (hoping he’s still a man of few words)

Kyle gives Ravi the charred SD drive – can it be retrieved? Bribed by tickets to a gaming event, Ravi agrees, but no promises. Kyle has the utmost faith in Ravi’s abilities. After Ravi moves on, Kyle tries to charm Phyllis and asks how Summer is. No alone, Phyllis texts Billy (so much for seeing each other at the office)

Vikki comes downstairs to find Reed and Billy waiting to share an idea. As Billy hovers, Reed says he can’t live in a home where he’s told not to care about his Dad and as Billy coaches says he wants to go to a music boarding school; the one Devon’s sister Anna went to. Reed wants to follow his passion and be the good parts of his Dad. Billy encourages Vikki to put Reed’s needs ahead of her own and hugging Reed, exits.

Meeting over, all agree to have another in two weeks. Jack leaves after exchanging barbs with Victor, follows by Nick. When Nikki asks Arturo to stay (she has a question that requires his expertise) Victor scowls in suspicion.