Wednesday, April 25th

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle sends Ravi a text – ‘keep trying, I’ll make it worth your while’. He then asks Abby why she’s no longer recording Dina’s memoirs. Jack appears wondering the same thing. Abby’s speechless.

Sharon thanks Mariah for taking care of things at CL’s. Both wonder why Nick’s speaking so intently into his phone – so go on over to ask. Nick’s coordinating with Victor’s PI in their search for JT and is now off to see Vikki. That’s the last thing she needs, Sharon blurts out.

Vikki’s surprised to find Mac on her doorstep. My kids are wondering where their Dad is. What happened to JT?

On the CL’s patio, Phyllis congratulates a ‘glowing’ Hilary. How did Devon react to the news? Devon who? Hilary scowls.

Lily and Neil are surprised when Devon arrives at HWG. They figured him not joining them for dinner meant he didn’t want to talk. That’s right, Devon doesn’t want to talk about Hilary with either his Father or sister.

After they watch one of Dina’s recorded sessions, Abby explains to Kyle and Jack that it’s hard to tell fact from fiction but it’s been fun getting to know her. Kyle would like to see more footage. Jack agrees – let’s make a special night of it; a screening. On cue, Dina comes out dressed for her swimming lesson at the club. Would someone bring the car around?

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Mariah and Nick don’t understand why he shouldn’t go support his sister. Stunned to hear that JT was abusing Vikki, Mariah sees even more reason Nick should go. If Vikki wanted you to know or needed support, she’d let you know, Sharon insists.

Mac got a message from Paul, then saw the news – she doesn’t know what to tell her kids. No matter what you told the police, tell me the truth – do you know where JT is? Has he contacted Reed? No, Vikki whispers as Mac goes on about it not being fair. I should have listened to you about what JT was capable of, Vikki admits. Mac wonders if things ever got physical.

Devon refuses to talk about Hilary to Lily and Neil – it serves no purpose; I willingly entered into this agreement. Hilary’s carrying my child and that’s that, he leaves for the night. Lily concludes to Neil that Devon wants a baby – he just doesn’t want it with Hilary.

On the patio, Phyllis agrees that Hilary announcing her pregnancy on TV after Devon asked for some time wasn’t her best move. Hilary wanted Devon to be as proud and excited as she is. Give him some time, Phyllis suggests. Hand on her belly, Hilary felt the night they conceived was special; we didn’t have sex, we made love. Hilary blames it all on Simone but then admits she’s her own worst enemy.