Tuesday, April 24th

Vikki lists reasons Reed shouldn’t go to boarding school. His community service is over, Mike’s looking into him transferring and he can deal with the extra work. Vikki tears up – she thought she’d have another year before having to say goodbye to her boy. You’re saying I can go? Reed’s hopeful.

Billy’s day just got a whole lot better (at Jabot, he pulls Phyllis onto the elevator for a kiss)

Phyllis asks Billy if he ever misses sneaking around. No, Billy loves waking up beside her every morning ~kiss~

Nick asks Sharon why she didn’t attend the meeting (or reply to his text) Sharon had to train a new manager – you OK? No, Nick just heard something disturbing; JT was abusing Vikki. She didn’t tell me or anyone, just dealt with it alone. Nick MUST find JT.

Nikki was happy that Arturo came today; a friendly face. She then asks about tearing a building down instead of doing renos. Flirting, they agree to discuss it over dinner – to discuss how to proceed with future plans. I’ll be in our usual spot, Arturo agrees. As she walks him out, Victor watches (looking devastated)

Vikki hates the idea of Reed leaving – but it would be worse to make him stay where he’s not happy. In tears, she agrees that he can go – but she wants numerous video chats and visits. I’m proud of you for following your dreams. Your Dad would be too. Reed will text him (though knows he won’t reply) Keep him in your prayers – he’ll know you love him, Vikki’s sure. Now alone, she sits on the floor to sob.

Next: Kyle learns a dangerous secret … Mac returns to town … Sharon is consumed with guilt.

My Thoughts: Love how Reed declines confiding in Sharon because she’s a stranger – then pours out his heart to her … LOL@Nick saying ‘attaboy’ and ‘good job’ to Victor as he manages the heroic feat of sucking liquid through a straw. It’s not Tequila m’boy – calm down … Phyllis asking Billy if he misses sneaking around is a good indication that she does … Ironic that Billy would think Jack should step aside for PR reasons and let him be the face of Jabot; clearly forgetting his epic PR nightmare at BnS when he was caught on video seemingly betting with hockey players. Also, Jack didn’t do anything wrong… I won’t miss Reed and his whining but the actor’s doing an OK job so might be brought back to hook up with Mattie for the summer (or have they given up on enticing new viewers with younger characters for the summer?) … Back to hockey – how about them Leafs!!!!!???