Thursday, April 26th

Reed comes home to find that his Mom is throwing him a going away party. The whole family will be coming, she informs with a hug. Reed knows one person who won’t be there *pout*

Devon walks right past Hilary at the club. Not to be ignored, Hilary couldn’t help sharing their good news and assumed Simone knew. It’s certainly not her fault if they broke up. Devon hopes Simone stands by him – if not, he blames Hilary.

At home, Kyle invites Dina out for a bite to eat. How nice, she’ll go get her purse.

Ready to go to Reed’s party, Nikki seems surprised to hear that Victor’s not going. Alright, darling, she gives him a kiss and leaves him to make a call – ‘come to my home immediately’, he commands.

Billy and Phyllis are the first to arrive at Vikki’s for the party. They chat with Reed until the girls go off to have a talk. With no news on JT, Phyllis thinks it good that Reed’s going off to school. It’ll be easier for Vikki to move on (though Vikki’s not so sure)

Mariah and Nick are concerned about Sharon (who’s startled when Mariah breaks a plate) You’ve been acting wonky – what’s going on?

Hilary’s at the fertility clinic to update the doctor that she got pregnant the old-fashioned way. She’s eating healthy, taking vitamins and ready for her first ultrasound. Hilary won’t let anything mess this up.

Heading off to Reed’s party Nick invites Sharon. You ARE family. OK, Sharon will go – just to prove that she’s fine.

Vikki thanks her Mom for coming and hears that her Dad’s not (he feels vulnerable, Nikki claims) Billy follows Phyllis over to marvel that they’re all so friendly. Nikki then gives Reed a going away present – she’ll miss him so much and understands why he’s leaving (and so does Victor; he’s forgiving – when he wants to be)

Victor’s summoned Arturo to the ranch. Where’s everyone else? the contractor asks. This is just you and me, Victor replies ominously.

Abby comes home to find Kyle and Dina about to leave the house hand in hand. He’s taking me to the club, where we first met, Dina smiles. Abby takes Kyle aside – is this a good idea? Maybe I should go too (after popping by Reed’s party) Kyle wants to get to know his grandmother; it’s all good – trust me. I’m all yours, Dina’s lead out (leaving Abby looking worried)

Reed welcomes Nick and Sharon (who hopes no one minds her coming to the party) In the dining room, Nikki, Vikki, Sharon and Phyllis bicker (partly to avoid suspicion) This party is about Reed – who thinks his Father abandoned him, Vikki reminds when things get heated.