Friday, April 27th

At home, Mariah shares her concerns; Sharon seems jumpy and torn up. Nick wonders if JT abusing Vikki makes Sharon remember the abusive boyfriend she was with when they first met. She practically hid out in the dining room at Reed’s party – with three women she doesn’t like. We must get Sharon to open up, Nick decides (as Sharon listens from the staircase)

Nikki welcomes Neil into the ranch to joke that Victor’s not a very good patient. Odd, I left him right there – where could he be? Nikki’s puzzled. Is he even walking? How far could he get? Neil wonders. It IS Victor Newman we’re talking about, Nikki reminds.

After sending Johnny and Katie off on a field trip to a free range chicken farm, Billy joins Phyllis at the club to thank her for being so cool about his kids staying with them while Vikki gets herself sorted out. He’ll drop them off at their Mom’s later. Phyllis surprises Billy by saying they should keep the kids longer.

Good morning, Sharon comes in to bust Nick and Mariah (who claim that they’re planning a surprise for her birthday) That’s months away, Sharon’s not buying it. Look at the time – gotta go, Mariah runs out. Nick then gets a call from Faith’s school that sends him and Sharon rushing out too.

Nikki and Neil find Victor in the stables with dumbells in each hand as he gives instructions to an assistant working on her laptop. Another woman in a white lab coat hovers in the background (presumably a doctor)

Sending the doctor and assistant to see the cook about lunch, Nikki chides Victor about overdoing it (as he stops lifting weights to gasp) Neil agrees – you’ve got nothing to prove; you’re crushing this. Victor mumbles about people like JT preying in the weak – it’s their only source of power.

Back home, Nick and Sharon aren’t mad at Faith, they’re disappointed because she got suspended for a day. Faith explains that Thomas deserved it for bullying girls in her class. She didn’t want to confront him with the other girls but Siobhan said that doing nothing means that she’s OK with Thomas texting and posting mean things.

Over coffee at the club, Phyllis lists all Vikki’s going through. She needs a few more days of bubble baths and reading. Phyllis is happy to help in any way she can. Billy appreciates that – but we both know you’re lying your ass off.

Billy knows it’ll take more than one girls night for Phyllis and Vikki to become BFF’s – he appreciates Phyllis supporting a woman she doesn’t really like. It’s very ‘unselfish’. He then asks Phyllis what she thinks about Vikki’s relationship with JT. He had a lot more going on than any of us knew about but Phyllis doesn’t think Billy should ask Vikki about it – give her time to grieve. He’s not dead, Billy points out. Phyllis meant grieving the death of the relationship Vikki must move on from.