Monday, April 30th

Seated at a booth at CL’s, Sharon’s all torn up over an article she’s reading on her tablet (the manhunt for Hellstrom) Cleaning up coffee she’s spilt and seeing the JT/Colleen heart engraved in the booth, she grabs her jacket and runs out.

Billy’s summoned Kyle into Jack’s office to announce changes – he’s taking money from marketing to put into R&D. Kyle balks – Jabot’s marketing is already behind. Billy wants to focus on creating new products. Jack gives Billy full authority as COO and reminds Kyle that he wanted to prove his worth.

When Sharon drops by to check on Victor, he’s out of his chair and even more obsessed with finding JT to make him pay.

Lily finds Mattie studying on the CL’s patio. Why isn’t she studying at home? Want a sandwich? Is there anything you want to tell me? Getting nowhere, Lily goes in for coffee and makes a call – come to CL’s, Mattie needs us.

Kyle backs down – he’s here to do what needs to be done; even filling on for Gloria but that doesn’t mean he won’t speak his mind. After Jack leaves, Billy advises Kyle to suck it up and work to earn everyone’s trust back. Kyle wants to have coffee with Billy – so he can tell his side of the story.

Victor tells Sharon that JT was spying on the family – he has a recording of JT abusing Vikki; he’ll never do that again. When Sharon’s eager to let Victor get on with his day, he observes that she seems upset about something.

You look nervous, Victor notes. Sharon’s upset about JT lying to everyone – not knowing what he was capable of. Nikki arrives to save Sharon – you must be here to talk to me about my special day with Faith. Yes, Sharon’s relieved. Nikki tells Victor about her plans to spend time with (then takes Sharon for a walk to discuss it)

Mattie assures Lily and now Cane that she’s just fine – she came to CL’s to study; this is turning into an intervention. Don’t push us away, Cane implores.

Seated at the club, Kyle whines to Billy that he’s not part of this family; I never was. I was bounced from parent to parent, then my Mom was gone and no one missed her but me. Billy can relate but he’s worked hard to get back in the ‘circle’. Kyle doesn’t think what he did is worse than what Billy did (with Phyllis) Victor isn’t pulling my strings – and you keep making a point of putting me in my place in front of my Dad. Kyle needs Billy’s help to earn his Dad’s trust.

In the stables, Sharon paces and frets about Victor’s determination to find JT. Nikki needs her to push this aside. How can I do that? We killed a man and buried him in the middle of town! Sharon panics. *I* killed him, Nikki points out. But we all covered it up and Sharon has nightmares of Paul arresting her! Nikki calls Phyllis – come to the stables; I’m with Sharon and we have a situation.