Friday, April 27th

Neil and Victor now talk about Devon. He made some bad decisions while Neil was out of town. We’ll always worry about our kids, they agree. Nikki’s a great Mom. Victor detects a change in her – we get along well and have expanded our boundaries (we’re both seeing another partner) Victor confides.

Back on the patio, Nikki decides it’s her turn to speak to Sharon. ‘Incoming’, Phyllis whispers as Hilary comes out to ask what big secret they’re talking about – JT’s mysterious disappearance? Warning Hilary not to air anything about Vikki’s business, Nikki vacates her seat to Hilary (who pouts about not being invited to the girls’ party – and not being pregnant)

Dabbing at her tears, Sharon claims that she’s upset over what happened with Faith. Mariah knows that’s not the truth – something’s wrong; it’s tearing you up. You can tell me anything – I’d take it to the grave.

It wasn’t meant to be, Phyllis encourages Hilary to dust herself off and move on. Devon? He doesn’t know – he was with his stupid girlfriend, Hilary whines about Simone. Too bad you can’t just use the sample Devon gave you and get inseminated as planned before, Phyllis says. You’re a genius! Hilary WILL use it! Devon doesn’t need to know how and when it happened! she gives Phyllis a bone-crushing hug.

Sharon doesn’t know where to start – or what Mariah will think of her when she hears it. She then goes on about giving Nick mixed signals when he’s in such a vulnerable state. No more working myself up over this, I’m fine, Sharon appreciates Mariah listening (then goes upstairs looking anguished)

Victor gets back to grunting and lifting weights. He’s sick of this damn thing (the wheelchair) Refusing Neil’s help, Victor pushes himself out of the chair saying ‘no help’. Then, much to Neil’s distress, Victor faceplants onto the ground.