Monday, April 30th

Concluding that his talk with Kyle went well, Billy will maybe help Kyle (but doesn’t trust him because he’s pals with Victor; a man who had your Father kidnapped and almost killed) Kyle’s Mom’s gone – he needs the Abbott’s and you need me to. WE can fix Jack and Ashley’s relationship – by killing the blood Abbott only clause.

Victor’s now back struggling to get out of his wheelchair.

Mattie’s in the dumps because Reed’s gone – I screwed it up. Lily and Cane know she did the right thing. Reed knows that too, Mattie explains. She wishes she tried harder to stay friends with Reed; look what he went through with no one to talk to. Cane knows what it’s like to have a criminal for a Father and thinks Reed made a good decision in leaving GC (for his sake)

Phyllis doesn’t appreciate being called away from work because Sharon’s having a meltdown. Both she and Nikki try to reason with her. JT’s children will think he left them, she wails – and Victor and Nick vow to find him. It’s good that everyone thinks he’s in hiding. Is Sharon really willing to lose everything because we did what we had to do? Phyllis also reminds Sharon how many lives will be affected if they all go to prison.

Swearing that she’ll find a way to live with it, Sharon leaves Nikki and Phyllis unconvinced. Phyllis doesn’t like being part of this little ‘coven’ or that her life is in Sharon’s hands. Nikki prays they got through to her.

Cane and Lily reassure Mattie that everything will work out – you don’t have to decide who you want to be right now. You’ll always be loved.

Finally managing to get out of the wheelchair, Victor’s taking his first shaky steps when Nikki comes in to tear up as he flops onto the couch. You did it! she says with the pride a Mother takes when her baby first walks.

Kyle continues to manipulate Billy – the blood clause needs to go for the sake of Ashley and the whole family. OK, let’s make it happen, Billy agrees.

Talk over, Mattie’s last thought is that Reed’s family will never be whole again – she knows how lucky she is (and hugs her parents)

Phyllis was almost back to work when her spidey senses kicked in and told her to drive back to Sharon’s. You may be done with me but I’m not done with you.