Monday, April 30th

Nikki asks how Victor’s really doing and what’s on his mind. Victor wants Arturo fired. No, that’s Nikki’s call. After having to host Victor’s girlfriend for dinner, she sees no reason to fire Arturo (or end their relationship) Victor and Nikki are both unhappy about each others’ flings – so where do we go from here?

With Billy, Kyle’s back in Jack’s office making a case for him to remove the blood-only clause. We can get the lawyers on the phone right now, Kyle’s eagerness seems to make Jack suspicious.

Aren’t you happy with our arrangement? Victor asks. Nikki was until she almost lost him – twice. She was hurt that Victor woke up and asked someone else to take him home and care for him. That’s MY job. You can have a million Helen’s but we both know I’m the only one for you. Admitting that there’s still love between them, the Newmans strike up a new agreement; Arturo stays on for business purposes only. Victor’s already ended things with Helen.

Jack wants Ashley back too and has already offered to remove the clause. It didn’t work. Now Jack wants to keep the clause to protect the company from outsiders who might marry into the family. Billy’s suggestion of a prenup to protect against that is rejected. Jack’s not removing the clause.

Phyllis isn’t calling Sharon a liar; she’s calling her a walking mood-swing. One minute you fall apart, the next you’re fine. This whole thing is a bitch! A guy is dead and we were there. But what Phyllis can’t take is worrying that Sharon will take them all down. Sharon will stick to their pact (and live with her guilt) We’re not friends, just go, she opens the door and closes it behind Phyllis

My Thoughts: Why, in all these years, hasn’t anyone sanded over the heart JT etched into the booth at CL’s? It’s graffiti, not Egyptian hieroglyphics to be protected and preserved for posterity … Yes Nikki, you should pray that Sharon keeps her mouth shut. There’s nothing ironic or blasphemous in asking the good Lord to help keep the secret that you broke his ‘thou shalt not kill’ commandment; a pesky one she’s managed to break for the third time. I don’t think that’s how prayers work…. Odd that Billy talks about taking money from the marketing budget to create new products without he or Jack mentioning the fact that they’ve just lost their brilliant new chemist Helen. Poor woman was wooed to GC with a lucrative job offer (making more money than Ashley) then hooked up with the richest man in town – and now she’s been kicked to the curb by both Jack and Victor…. Sharon really seems to be in crisis mode – she should probably call a crisis line, not work on one…. So, with Arturo and Helen cut off, does that mean the Newmans must find other partners, turn to one another or remain celibate?