Tuesday, May 1st

Arriving at GC Buzz after lunch, Hilary wonders why Phyllis was distracted and raced through the park to get to the car. Phyllis thought Hilary was in a hurry to get back to work. Not really, Hilary isn’t thrilled that Devon wants the show to be in honour of his grandmother and filmed at the Chancellor Garden. How is she supposed to make the planting of a garden interesting?

Vikki drops by the ranch to tell her Mom that she had a video chat with Reed (who’s doing well at his new school but still thinks he’ll see his Dad again) You lied to protect me, Nikki thinks Vikki made the right decision letting Reed go to boarding school. Vikki worries she agreed to make things easier for herself. Paul then calls to insist Vikki come to the station to answer more questions about JT – he has new evidence – come asap please ~click~

What new evidence could Paul have found? Vikki wonders. Nikki’s sure JT’s body wasn’t found but suspects Sharon went to the cops. It’s just like her to ruin our lives – she’s the weak link who’s been wreaking havoc on our family since meeting Nick in high school. Vikki doesn’t want her Mom to go to the station with her.

Nick comes home to catch Sharon coming out of the kitchen in her bra and panties. Cue the sexy music and awkward leering.

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Phyllis suggests Hilary make the show about Katherine (much more interesting than a flower bed) Hilary agrees but can’t move the shoot – she’ll be stuck catching digging, excavating, planting from every angle. When Phyllis asks if Hilary’s booked her insemination, Mariah appears to wonder what they’re gossiping about. Devon then comes along and things get even more awkward when Mariah makes a comment about him getting Hilary pregnant.

Sharon stammers that she ran down for the kettle. It’s nothing Nick hasn’t seen before. You still look good, he almost forgets why he came home early. Struggling to take his eyes off Sharon, Nick needs a shower – a cold one – cause it’s hot – outside. Sharon knows exactly what he means – and is delighted with the tiles he’s brought home for the backsplash. All discombobulated, Nick’s about to take the boxes upstairs when Sharon suggests he leaves them down here.

In his office, Paul points out that JT leaving town made things easier for Vikki too. Think hard – did anyone else stop by your house on the night of the party? A signal from JT’s cell phone places him by the house.