Wednesday, May 2nd

Kyle whines that he has no title. Don’t let Jack humiliate you, Victor advises. Kyle’s more bothered that Billy was out of Jabot for years then stepped in and went straight to the top. Whatever Victor’s planning, Kyle wants in. Wait, trust me, Victor warns – it’ll happen when you’re ready. Kyle’s been waiting for years – he’s sick of waiting. Billy comes through the revolving door to watch the pair.

Back on the patio, Neil would love to see Charlie’s footage. Alzheimer’s is a scary disease. Charlie notes that his grandpa isn’t getting any younger. What the mind can’t remember, the heart never forgets, Neil receives a big hug. Thanks to Neil’s words, Charlie just got an idea of how to make this film even more special for Abby and her family.

After serving Vikki tea, Sharon’s questioned by Nikki and Phyllis. Sharon understands why they’d think she’d ‘lose it’ but vows she won’t. She’s talked to many survivors on the crisis lines. Women need to band together. Despite their differences, Sharon wants them to come together and not let JT control them from beyond the grave. Leaving, Vikki hugs Sharon and promises all that she won’t be JT’s victim for another minute. Phyllis knows Sharon’s speech inspired Vikki – but inspired her to do what?

Back at CL’s, Phyllis was so impressed by Sharon’s speech that she gives her a fist bump. The four of us have a bond, like it or not we have to trust each other. Both are now worried about what Vikki’s up to – even more so when Phyllis calls the office and learns she didn’t go to work – and she’s not answering her phone. Since Sharon needs to stay at the coffee shop, Phyllis will go handle it alone.

Paying for his bag of takeout, Billy goes over to Victor and Kyle’s table for some back and forth about breaking bread with the enemy. You’re playing right into Victor’s hand. If you were my kid I wouldn’t trust you either.

Vikki’s written a letter – sorry Mom and Dad. I had to do this. Defending myself wasn’t a mistake. Covering it up was. I had to turn myself in. Making this decision has brought me peace. If I end up in prison, you and Nick will take good care of the kids. What happened is all my fault. I hope one day you and the kids can forgive me. Propping the letter up where it’ll be seen, Vikki’s about to leave when Phyllis bursts in to say ‘don’t do this’. Think of Johnny and Katie. Nikki. It would be selfish to ease your conscience while a dozen other lives are shattered.