Wednesday, May 2nd

Phyllis has summoned Nikki to Vikki’s place. She hasn’t moved and barely said a word. Nikki sits beside Vikki (who whines about this and that) Mac keeps calling and texting – she and her kids want answers. Ignore her, Phyllis instructs. What about Reed? Vikki can’t do this anymore. Nikki thinks Vikki should go somewhere peaceful to grieve. Looking at her phone, Phyllis wants to book a retreat at Lake Louise (and doesn’t think Nikki should go with her) Looking at photos on Phyllis’ phone, Vikki smiles – it looks like heaven.

Neil sneaks up and is about to hit the ‘play’ arrow on Charlie’s laptop (to start playing Dina’s video) when Charlie stops him. He still has editing to do.

Kyle’s sick of being treated like a kid. Not taking me serious is a mistake. Victor’s reminded of Jack; full of bluster. Kyle can back up what he says. He has proof and a weapon to take down his Dad for good. All I have to do is hand it to you.

At Jabot, Phyllis tells Billy that she has to go on a business trip to Canada. Lauren won’t let her off the hook. I’ll be back soon – Vikki’s going too. OK, Billy will call to cancel their dinner reservation ~hug~

Nikki’s packed Vikki’s bag – don’t forget your passport. The driver’s here, Phyllis returns to say. Vikki thanks her, Sharon and her Mom for their words of encouragement. With a hug and I love you’s for her Mom, Vikki walks out with Sharon. Phyllis lingers to give Nikki tissue and promises to take care of Vikki. You better or you’ll answer to me, Nikki sniffles.

Standing, Kyle’s offering Victor ammo to use against Jack. Victor also stands – if you want to impress me, show me what you’ve got – do you have what it takes to play with grown-ups?

Next: Victor calls Kyle’s bluff… Mariah remembers a detail about the night at Vikki’s …. Nick presses Sharon for answers.