Thursday, May 3rd

Paying Victor a surprise visit, Kyle explains that he isn’t at the office because he’s not needed at Jabot; he’ll always be an outsider. There’s no future for me there. He wants to work for the best, Victor. What can I do to show you I’m ready? Victor admits that Kyle is smart and ambitious – but are you ruthless enough to work for me?

At the station, Hilary’s anxious, short-tempered and off to a doctor’s appointment. Mariah tells her to ‘go get the job done’. What’s that supposed to mean!? Hilary snaps. Go do whatever pregnant woman stuff you gotta do? Blood tests? Mariah really has no idea. It’ll all be worth it once Devon and I hold our baby, Hilary reassures both Mariah and herself.

Seated at the club, Devon and Neil talk business and the boundaries Neil doesn’t think either Devon or Hilary will stick to. Once the baby comes that contract will be out the window – it’ll be a whole new ballgame.

Nick finds Sharon doing yoga to soothing music. JT and Vikki’s situation dredged up some old memories but she’s ready to destress and move on. Nick isn’t – he feels the police have missed something, but he knows exactly where to start.

Sharon casually asks how Nick plans to find JT (when the police and Victor can’t) then flips out when hearing he plans to talk to Vikki’s neighbours. Sharon’s sure Paul’s already handled that. Yeah, but he probably went during the day – Nick will go in the evening. He’s also downloaded a police scanner app to keep updated. Sharon loudly disapproves – leave it alone?? I’m scared – for you. Sharon makes Nick promise that he won’t put himself in danger. You have nothing to worry about, Nick leaves Sharon to sigh.

Neil schools Devon – a child is day in, day out – it’s busy, it’s boring – it’s emotional and humbling. You can’t imagine the love. If you’re lucky, you have someone you love by your side to share it with. You can’t love and raise that child and disrespect its Mother. Devon wonders if Neil’s telling him to get back with Hilary.

Kyle believes he can be more valuable to Victor than his own kids. Seconds later, Nick arrives asking for a private word with his Dad. Kyle steps aside to check email – while Nick asks for his Dad’s help in finding JT.

Nick’s now at GC Buzz insisting he go on air immediately. I got you a lot of ‘buzz’ last time I was on, he reminds. Nick wants to talk about reconciling with is Father. Mariah’s not thrilled but Hilary can work with it (a segment on parent/child bonding)

Neil points out that he said ‘respect’ your child’s Mother – Devon heard ‘get back with her’. You two were once so in love – then you hated each other. As the Mother of the baby, Hilary will ‘matter’ more right now. When Sofia was in a car accident, Neil was there for her and Moses. Neil will love his grandson and knows Devon will do what’s best for him or her.