Wednesday, May 2nd

As Sharon pours his coffee, Neil’s in PR-mode when asking for her take on the JT situation – has she heard any gossip? How does the family come across? Culpable? Cutthroat? Sharon’s saved by a call from Nikki (who realizes Sharon can’t speak freely – but we have a crisis to deal with)

At the club, Billy suggests a romantic dinner at an Italian restaurant – then asks Phyllis why Paul dragged her to the station. Hearing that JT may have been around Vikki’s house that night, Billy doesn’t blame him for not showing his face. Nikki calls Phyllis to report a problem – this time it’s not Sharon. Pick her up and get to the ranch – it’s an emergency. ‘Duty calls’ – Phyllis will see Billy for dinner later ~kiss~

Vikki tells her Mom that she won’t change her mind. Seconds later, Sharon and Phyllis arrive. Tell them your horrendous idea, Nikki. Before Vikki can do so, Victor appears. Dad! Vikki gives him a hug. He’s all dressed up to go to the club – and what are you ladies doing? A charity project, Phyllis lies. Have a nice time, Victor says as Nikki fusses out the door then announces that Vikki plans to confess to killing JT – by herself.

Vikki shares the story she’s concocted; after her Mom drove everyone home, JT confronted her upstairs – things got violent – he admitted he attacked Victor, lunged at me and I hit him with the poker. I didn’t mean to kill him and feared the cops wouldn’t believe it was self-defence. Running on pure adrenaline, Vikki managed to dispose of JT’s body by herself. Phyllis stands to applaud Vikki’s performance – but the script stinks. She pokes holes in the story and is sure Paul will figure out exactly what happened – then, we all go to prison.

Victor joins Kyle as he peruses a menu at the club. You’re early, son. Of course – Kyle doesn’t want to miss a minute of this.

Neil finds Charlie editing video of Dina; a project he’s taking very seriously.

Food served, Kyle kisses Victor’s ass. Yes, he’s all charm all the time – trying to win everyone over at Jabot and working on boring stuff like packaging. Kyle then asks how Victor and Jack’s feud began. Jack will never admit he’s been bested, Victor knows it can only end one way.

Vikki wonders if she’s the only practical person here. I don’t have a record – I could walk away with probation. You’ll get 15 years, minimum – and you won’t go alone, Phyllis warns – this’ll be a trifactor for Chris. As Nikki chimes in, Sharon surprises all by agreeing with Phyllis – we made a pact that night and we’re sticking with it.