Thursday, May 3rd

This news will blow my Father’s world apart – mine too (and that’s why Kyle needs guarantees) Victor respects loyalty, especially loyalty to family – why is Kyle so willing to turn on the Abbott’s? Kyle’s life is on the line. The info he has is dark and messy; it’ll hurt people. But Jack put him in this position; this will eventually come out so Kyle’s trying to build a safety net – this info is worthy of not just any position – he wants top spot. I have what it takes. If the information is what you say it is, we have a deal, Victor agrees.

Hilary tries to hurry Devon along – go back to the office, I’ll call when I’m done. No, from now on, if Hilary’s here, Devon will be too.

Nick relays that Mariah heard a man’s voice that night. She was drunk, Sharon insists – there was no man at Vikki’s that night – period. Nick brings up Sharon’s nightmares, sudden friendship with Vikki – he can tell she’s nervous and doesn’t want him to look for JT. What happened that night – did JT come to the house? Have you known all along where he is?

On the table, Kyle puts a copy of Jabot’s bylaws and a flashdrive. If this as explosive as you claim then from now on, I control the fate of both you and your Father, Victor says ominously.

Next week: With a little time and understanding on both our sides, he can invest in being a real Abbott again, Jack tells Abby … Kyle speaks passionately to Victor – once this video confession of Dina’s gets out neither my Dad or I can be CEO of Jabot…. I’m going to be a Father – I want to do right by our baby and by you, Devon says to Hilary (who looks so guilty she’s about to cry)…. Looks like Sharon’s found a way to distract Nick (in bed)

My Thoughts: Kinda gross that Mariah was slurping on everyone’s drinks before handing them out. I thought she’d just made a pitcher. It’s amazing she didn’t knock Nikki off the wagon by giving her an alcoholic drink by accident…. Hilary will have a hard time keeping her scheme a secret if Devon plans to hover in the background for every scan and sit in on every appointment. I’m guessing this time she’ll manage to conceive … Neil talks a good game about respecting his child’s Mother, but he wasn’t very respectful of Dru when chasing after Carmen Mesta. He and Lily have such a good relationship that I often forget that Lily isn’t his; she’s his brother Malcolm’s. Neil then slept with Malcolm’s girlfriend Sophia – and when she had his baby, he cheated on her with Harmony (Devon’s bio Mom) … What a cheapskate. Victor pays 10 million for Lauren’s kid but will only pay 50K for a reward to leads on JT? … And why would anyone with info call the GC Buzz tip line instead of the police? … It’s only a matter of time before Sharon caves in and confides in either Mariah or Nick. If Mariah was so drunk, why would she (or anyone else) trust her memory of hearing a man. Couldn’t it have been the radio or TV? In fact, since they were talking so loud about the dead body upstairs, one of the ladies should have thought to turn some music on … Why would Kyle be stupid enough to hand his ‘explosive’ information over to Victor – knowing that he’s giving him control of his and his Father’s lives? And how exactly is his ‘life on the line’? Having a crappy job in your family company is hardly life and death.