Thursday, May 3rd

The camera rolling, Mariah and Hilary go over Nick giving away his trust fund and elude to past history with his Dad. Nick’s put his differences with his Father aside after almost losing him. The man who attacked him is JT Hellstrom; a man my family trusted. He’s wanted for attempted murder and seems to have disappeared. Someone may have info they don’t even know is valuable. At home, Sharon’s horrified to see Nick’s appeal online and reward for leads on JT.

Nick’s not calling for vigilante justice – leave it to the police. Just today someone talked him out of searching for JT himself; instead, the family is offering a 50K reward. Hilary chimes in to announce photos of JT will be posted online. JT is dangerous, Nick wants his Father’s attacker found but doesn’t want anyone else hurt. Hilary asks her viewers to visit the website for the tip line and photo. Show over, Nick thanks Hilary and notices that something’s up with Mariah. Devon arrives and surprised to hear that Hilary just left for a doctor appointment, goes after her. Mariah tells Nick that she feels like something’s been loosened in her brain.

Kyle goes on and on about Nick coming to his Dad for money after giving away the money he sued him for years ago. Could you trust Nick with your legacy? Victor likes Kyle but he’s not family. You respect talent and doing what needs to be done, Kyle learned from the best – Victor. Bring me on at NE. Last time I hired you, you spied for Jack – why would I trust you now? Victor asks. My Mom wanted me to be a Newman, not an Abbott. And I’m not in their eyes (partly because I maintain a relationship with you) Kyle can prove with one sentence that he’s trustworthy and valuable – it’s about my Father.

Hilary’s alarmed when Devon shows up in the doctor’s office waiting area. He’s worried – is it normal to have appointments two weeks in a row? He was wrong to be upset with her; these were my choices too. It was the right time and place – you really are pregnant. Hilary appreciates Devon coming but wants to talk about it another time. You’re not in this alone, Devon vows to stand by Hilary (who just wants him to leave)

Still at the station, Mariah tells Nick that she was taste-testing every drink and passed out because she hadn’t eaten. Flashback to Mariah walking around Vikki’s kitchen (‘he has no pulse’ can be heard) I thought I heard a man’s voice, Mariah confides.

No, Kyle’s not talking about a business deal – this info takes Jack out of the CEO chair permanently. This is life changing and will give Victor the power to take Jack down for good. Victor sounds impressed – maybe Kyle’s more ruthless than he thought.

Hilary can’t deal with this stress. Devon’s sorry – he just wants Hilary to know that he’s there for her and the baby. It’s not all you – Hilary made choices and decisions that weren’t right. It’s not fair to force a man to have a baby with her. Devon doesn’t feel forced – he’s just as ready as she is to be a parent ~hug~

Nick comes home to a furious Sharon – did you even consult with the police? People make up lies; 50K will send people into a frenzy. It’s a waste of time. No, it’s already jogged on person’s mind, Nick informs – Mariah’s.