Friday, May 4th

Sharon claims to have no idea where JT is. No, he didn’t stop by Vikki’s the night of the party – no man did. Let this go. Fine, Nick will call Vikki (even though she’s at a conference out of town) I can’t let you do that, Sharon interjects forcefully.

This is a routine appointment; you have more pressing things to do, Hilary tries to get rid of Devon. This baby is the biggest thing ever to happen to him – he wants to do right by it, and Hilary. She’ll do right by him too; the real reason she came to see the doctor is…. Dr Chasen comes out to say she’s happy that Devon’s here for the insemination. Insemination? Devon scowls at Hilary. Why would you need to be inseminated if you’re already pregnant?

At the ranch, Kyle sums up what he’s given Victor; a video of Dina saying that John is not Jack’s Father (and a copy of the blood-only clause). It’s everything I promised – use it in good health, Kyle concludes that Jack will be out as CEO and he will have earned his place at Newman. Not so fast, having taken Dina out for dinner (and knowing her condition) Victor says ‘no deal’ unless Kyle has proof.

Devon now knows that Hilary planned to get inseminated without saying a word to him. After the doctor leaves them to sort it out, Hilary tears up and pleads for a chance to explain.

Give me my phone, Nick demands. When Sharon refuses, he wonders what it is that she’s so afraid he’ll find out.

At home, Jack ends a call ordering popcorn and a red carpet for the big screening. Abby’s impressed that he rented out a theatre – you thought of everything. It’ll be a larger than life experience for Dina. The pre-show dinner will include all her favourites (Duck a l’orange) and a champagne reception afterwards. It’ll be an incredible evening; a memory the Abbott family will treasure forever.

Back at the ranch, Kyle thinks Abby and Ashley trying to burn the footage is proof. They didn’t want anyone seeing it. Or, Victor suggests they didn’t want Dina’s delusion to become public knowledge. Look at the Jabot bylaws, Kyle refers to the folder – Jack added the blood-only clause to stay in control. Victor now realizes that the ‘brilliant’ Ashley left Jabot because Jack’s a heartless bastard. Kyle thinks his Aunt a class act for protecting Jack – but she wouldn’t have been willing to use the info at the board meeting if she and Abby didn’t have proof.

Sharon can’t stop Nick from questioning Vikki but points out that she went out of town to relax. Don’t force her to talk about JT. Not wanting to stress his sister out, Nick agrees not to call her – but what part of the story is Sharon withholding???