Tuesday, May 8th

Front row centre in the theatre, Jack looks horrified. A row behind, Victor looks smug. Everyone else is bewildered by what they’ve just seen. Why did the film stop? It was just getting good, Dina sputters. Ignoring the protests, Jack demands to see the last scene again (and once again hears Dina say that he is not John’s son)

Ashley, Abby and Traci have brought Dina home and explain that the film ended due to technical difficulties. Once Dina’s upstairs, Abby frets to her Mom – maybe I somehow saved that clip to ‘the cloud’? Kyle arrives to report that Jack refused a ride home; he wouldn’t even look at me.

Billy takes a seat beside Jack at the club’s bar (where he’s already ordered a double) Your Mother has Alzheimer’s, Billy reminds, suggesting what Dina said isn’t true. That scene certainly wasn’t in the preview Jack saw. Perhaps it wasn’t a mistake – perhaps it was a message from someone who went to great lengths to hurt me.

Having stayed to watch the end of the film, Charlie’s family applaud his work as if nothing has happened. Everyone freaked out and left halfway through, Charlie’s baffled; he never saw that footage and has no idea how it got into the film.

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Back at the Abbott home, Abby and Ashley are glad Dina doesn’t realize what happened. Poor Jack – it’s even worse that Victor was there. Kyle isn’t sure Dina’s confession was true. He then whines that they’re only worried about his Dad – this happened to me too. If it IS true, I’m not an Abbott either.

At the bar, Jack rants about being publicly humiliated. Billy vows to find out who did this. And yes, you ARE still John’s son. As Jack drinks, Billy gives him a pep talk by saying how hard it was to live up to Jack; how proud John was of him. DNA doesn’t matter. Yeah, well, Jack’s given that same speech to Ashley many times – but he knows it DOES change everything.

Neither of you cares how this affects me, Kyle pouts. Abby DOES know exactly how he feels – and Ashley knows how Jack feels. John Abbott was the best Father to us, he was Daddy – that’s what Jack lost today. This isn’t a competition about who’s more hurt, Abby snaps. Kyle didn’t have a Father like John was to Jack – he wouldn’t know what it’s to be part of a loving family. You think Jack deserved this? Abby’s aghast.