Monday, May 7th

Nick and Sharon are in her bedroom kissing and undressing as they hit the bed.

At the Abbott home, Traci, Ashley, Abby and Jack remind Dina that tonight is the screening of the main event they just discussed over dinner. That handsome young man, Kyle? He’ll join them after his business meeting. Dina and Jack go upstairs to get ready – leaving Ashley and Abby to discuss leaving out the scene that reveals Jack is not John’s son. He’ll never know.

Neil drops by the ranch impressed to find ‘my man’, Victor, lifting weights again. He wants to document his recovery so everyone will see that Victor and the company are strong. Tonight, he’s going to see the film Charlie put together at the Heritage Theatre for the Abbott’s.

All dressed up for, Lily and Cane take a table at the club. Imagine if Charlie becomes a famous director. Proud Dad Cane’s gotten him a mini-Oscar. As Mattie and Charlie arrive to join them, Billy’s across the room excusing himself from a meeting with a business associate. He leaves a voicemail for Kyle – I’m at the club with Kendrick – where are you?

In bed, Nick and Sharon are short of breath. Chinese of pizza? Nick really worked up an appetite. Neither have any regrets. Sharon believes the universe is telling them to be together – things can be normal now that their feelings are out in the open.

With his family at the club, Charlie’s impatient to get to the theatre and anxious that the Abbott’s like his movie.

Back at the house, Jack, Ashley and Abby are all dressed up and ready to go when Traci comes down to report that Dina was fine one minute but is far from OK now.

Having seen Hilary’s show, Victor congratulates Neil on his new grandbaby on the way and hopes Devon’s child respects him more than Jack’s kids have respected him. What a tragedy – Jack wanted to be like his Father (but failed) Victor sends Neil off to see this important film.

Kyle finally joins Billy at the club to explain that he’s late because an accident closed down the highway (and he was out of cell range) Billy already made an agreement with Kendrick (who had to leave) Kyle’s looking forward to Dina’s special night and hopes to be accepted into the Abbott family. See you there, Billy leaves.