Wednesday, May 9th

Abby and Ashley wonder who could have tampered with the movie; it wasn’t Charlie or any of us. Who would benefit the most from Jack’s downfall?

Neil arrives at HWG as Hilary’s admiring all her beautiful gifts (the extras will be donated to charity) Regardless of how Neil feels about Hilary, he’s been encouraging Devon to commit to being a good Father – even if he is determined to have it both ways. Devon’s downstairs having lunch with Simone right now (causing Hilary to frown)

In the club’s dining room, Devon greets Simone with a hug. Taking his hand across the table, Simone reports that another label tried to steal her away. It was flattering, but Simone finds the perks at HWG too good to give up – I’m not going anywhere. About that, Devon says they need to have a talk.

Abby’s at HWG to hear that Lily’s casting models but hasn’t yet found a pair with great chemistry. Abby makes it clear that no one blames Charlie and admits that Dina’s confession is indeed true. Abby’s always felt torn between two families – turns out she’s a Newman but not an Abbott. Abby, Jack and Ashley will always be Abbott’s to Lily. A nosey Hilary shooed away, Tessa interrupts to report that the next couple of models are ready. Lily invites Abby to stay.

Ravi thanks Ashley for meeting him at CL’s. He knows what happened last night – the news is all over Jabot (the theatre projectionist told someone in shipping) Ashley thanks Ravi for reaching out. That’s not why he called Ashley – he has something to confess.

Spotting Jack having a drink at the bar, Neil orders a club soda and asks why he’s here instead of the office. Jack tells Neil not to believe what Dina said – I am John Abbott’s firstborn. We had a special connection. He said I’d be head of the family and company one day. What happens now? Neil asks. Now, Jack orders another drink. He doesn’t trust the DNA test Abby and Ashley had done but doesn’t want to do one of his own.

On the CL’s patio, Ravi tells Ashley that someone asked him for a favour; to recover a damaged memory card. He had no idea what was on it. Who brought you the memory card? Ashley asks. It was Kyle, Ravi informs.

Devon’s enjoyed getting to know Simone but after some thinking, he’s decided to honour the agreement he made with Hilary. Simone’s done some thinking too – she wants to continue their relationship even if Hilary’s pregnant.