Wednesday, May 9th

Tessa sends Justin out and leads the next pair of models in to be inspected (and coached) by Lily and Abby. Gaze into each other’s eye and show me intensity – be flirty. The models failing, Abby demonstrates with Devon (much to Hilary’s annoyance) The models sent to practice in the hall, Lily praises Abby (who bids all farewell and leaves them to it) Devon then drops a bomb – cancel Simone’s press tour, he tells Tessa – she’s no longer with our label.

Jack continues to mope at the bar. Last night his Mother painted a picture of a happy family – and I let that poor, confused woman have it. Neil’s sure the family will forgive Jack (who isn’t sure he can ever forgive his Mother’s cheating)

When Abby returns to the house, Ashley wastes no time informing her that it was Kyle who got his hands on the footage they thought was destroyed.

Told that Devon agreed to release Simone from her contract (at her request) Hilary guesses it’s because Devon told her he’s committed to having this baby with her. No, Simone wanted to continue their relationship; Devon called it off – we parted ways professionally and personally. Yes, he did this for Hilary and the baby but don’t think we’re getting back together. Whatever you say, Hilary’s left smiling to herself.

Abby and Ashley realize that Kyle saw them throw the memory card in the fireplace, retrieved it and had Ravi restore it. Why would he do that? They wouldn’t put it past Kyle to blow up his Dad’s life – but why his own? (since he’s not a blood Abbott either)

Neil doesn’t see the harm in Jack doing another DNA test – stop looking for answers in the bottom of that glass. Do this for yourself and everyone counting on you to keep it together. Jack marches out – determined to prove once and for all that he’s John Abbott’s son.

Next: Nikki receives a painful reminder of her past …. Lily surprises Cane …. Jack makes peace with Dina.