Friday, May 18th

Shawna’s about to leave for CL’s when Charlie arrives for some awkward banter and flirtation. After she leaves, Devon encourages Charlie to get to know Shawna.

We’re not the same people, Nick knows Sharon’s worked hard to become a strong, confident person. It’s all so fragile, she worries – but no, she’ll never go back to being the old Sharon. Nick knows how badly he hurt Sharon after Cassie died – I turned to Phyllis instead of you. I’m not the same guy. Sharon concludes that everything they’ve been through has made them stronger; even losing Cassie (whose anniversary is coming up soon) We’ll honor her memory together, Nick hugs Sharon.

Still in need of a guest for the show tomorrow, Mariah leaves Hilary frantically making calls. Devon’s numerous attempts to speak to her are cut off as Hilary marches out. Devon makes a call; he needs a favor for tomorrow.

Another breakfast made, Nick and Sharon discuss how happy Faith will be that they’re back together. Sharon doesn’t want Nick to worry that she’s getting too close to Christian – she’d never try to replace Sage. Nick wants Sharon to love Christian; he couldn’t ask for a better Mom ~kiss~

Jack!? Jackie!? Finding the cabin empty, Ashley and Billy also see the empty bottle and the word ‘NO’ spelled out on the table with pills. This can’t be good, they fret.

Devon finds Hilary on the patio (Shawna just left) The boy she liked asked someone else to prom, Hilary confides. No, she hasn’t found anyone for tomorrow’s show. Devon has an idea that will solve both problems.

Billy and Ashley are back at the house. Ashley’s talked to Paul – seems Jack used his credit card to call about his car. Where are you!? she shouts out in frustration. I’m right here, Jack just had a lovely meal and is going upstairs to relax. Not wanting to have a talk, Jack goes upstairs – tomorrow should be an interesting day at Jabot, he comments (leaving Ashley and Billy looking baffled)