Friday, May 18th

Emptying his bottle, Jack’s surprised to look up and see his Mother sitting in a chair across from him. You’re a drunken foul-mouthed loser, just like your real Father, she scolds. Stop! Jack shouts. His Mother now vanished, Jack drains the last few drops from the bottle and looks at the pills.

Back at Jabot, Neil updates Billy and Ashley that Jack crashed his car (which he had towed to the garage) Where is he now? You left him stranded at the cabin? Billy and Ashley disapprove (especially hearing that Neil left Jack with a whole bottle of pills)

Nick and Sharon give a long-winded explanation of how they reconnected while watching a movie on TV. First, it was friends with benefits, now it’s a relationship. Mariah’s not surprised at all – and it’s none of her business (unless I walk in on it) Sharon and Nick are sure things will be different this time. Nick won’t hurt Sharon. When the Auto Club honks outside, Mariah leaves them to mull over her question; HOW will things be different this time?

Mariah’s at HWG to give Hilary bad news; the mystery writer they’d booked for tomorrow’s show has canceled. Shawna’s sent over to Hilary’s desk (so she and Mariah can work on the GC Buzz crisis) Shawna asks Devon why he and Hilary aren’t in a relationship; you’re obviously into her.

Sharon’s so distracted she serves Nick burnt toast and OJ in a coffee mug. He’s so distracted he buttoned his shirt wrong. Sharon thinks they should talk about what Mariah said.

Jack pours out the pills and is playing with them as he ignores Billy’s call. Getting no answer, Billy scolds Neil again for leaving Jack at the cabin with the pills. Ashley defends Neil and points out that no one could have stopped Billy from gambling. Billy’s off to the cabin, Ashley’s right behind him. Good luck, Neil wishes them.