Monday, May 21st

Kyle’s about to head out to work when Ashley stops him to update that Jack went on a bender, had some pills (but may not have taken any) and is now acting like everything is normal. Knowing Jack isn’t OK, Ashley’s surprised to hear that he isn’t in his room. Where the hell did he go so early?

Billy’s surprised to bump into Jack at Jabot. Jack’s surprised that Billy’s name is on his office door. I’m CEO, Billy fills him in on the board vote.

GC Buzz is a hive of activity; with teenagers milling about and racks of clothing being pushed around. Mariah gives Devon an envelope he requested. No, she didn’t tell Hilary about the surprise. Mariah then gives Hilary an envelope – no, she didn’t tell Devon. Charlie’s accosted by Devon and Hilary; he’s to make his TV debut on today’s show.

At home, Nick and Sharon kiss and laugh about the tuna casserole incident (from years ago) Mariah may have been joking about them announcing that they’re together on the show but there are a few people they need to tell in person; Faith – and two people who won’t like the news.

At the main house, Victor wonders what Nikki’s all perturbed about. Nikki’s worried about Jack. As she expected, Victor couldn’t care less about Jack; he wants to find JT.

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Back behind his desk, Jack appreciates Billy not putting all his stuff in a box. Billy knows about the booze, the pills, the car accident. Jack going AWOL is what they should be discussing (not that his feelings are hurt) Phyllis appears to say that Billy has a point.

Charlie learns that Hilary’s show is about prom fashion. Proms are a rite of passage, Devon adds. Charlie knows all about the new trend of ‘prom proposals’; kids at Walnut Grove are trying to outdo each other. While Devon takes Charlie aside to ask a favor, Mariah gives Hilary her cynical opinion on proms. Both smile when Shawna arrives – showtime!

Still at home, Nick doesn’t look forward to telling his parents that they’re back together. When Sharon volunteers to tell Victor, Nick’s surprised (since she and his Mom seem so chummy) On cue, Nikki drops by to deliver Faith’s portable chess set. With a smile, Nick escapes leaving Nikki horrified that her son’s back with Sharon.