Monday, May 21st

Nick’s surprised – Victor’s reaction is not what he expected (he’s more than OK with him reconciling with Sharon and in fact, gives his blessing; he just wants his son to be happy) Nick hopes Sharon’s having as much luck telling Mom. As for Faith, all assume she’ll be happy about it. Thanks for being so cool about this, Nick’s about to leave but Victor has something to discuss ‘man to man’.

Nikki wags her finger at Sharon – don’t slip up about what happened to JT. Oh well, at least you’re honest, Sharon shows Nikki to the door. Finger wagging again, Nikki demands one reason things will go differently this time with Nick. Smiling smugly, Sharon assumes Nikki must know the secret (since she’s back with Victor for the umpteenth time) The front door closed in her face, a speechless Nikki fumes.

Matchmakers Devon and Hilary watch on with delight when Shawna invites Charlie to her school’s prom (the night before Walnut Grove’s) Hilary brings her young friend to tears by solving the question of what she’ll wear (Shawna can wear the dress she’s in now – or any other)

Jack returns to the office with Kyle to inform Ashley, Billy and Phyllis that he wants to remove the blood-only clause (so Billy can get back to his own office and a job he enjoys more) Billy throws a kink in the plan; he’s starting to like being CEO.

Still at the station, Hilary and Devon are left to praise one another. We make a good team, they clink glasses. Hilary wonders if Devon knows of anyone else who needs a nudge in the right direction. Hmmmm, Devon plays along.

Victor thinks it great that the family’s coming back together; Nick and Sharon, he and Nikki. And now it’s time for Nick to come back to NE. Nick doesn’t look thrilled.

Billy doesn’t think Jack ready to come back. You need to deal with your issues, not pretend they don’t exist. Phyllis reminded him that Jabot needs to be run. For Jack’s own good, Billy’s overruling his request to remove the clause. And HE will remain Jabot’s CEO.

My Thoughts: Do you still have that hard drive of ideas? Ashley asks casually – like she’s not even concerned that he may have lost it or thrown it out. Wouldn’t it be a bit worrisome if all her brilliant idea fell into the wrong hands? … Phyllis claims that if Ashley were so smart she’d have figured out a way to be Jabot’s CEO despite the blood-only clause. Perhaps it’s not that Ashley’s not smart, it’s that she works for Newman now (though it’s hard to tell given how much time she spends at Jabot over NE) …. Why is Ashley baffled as to where Jack could have gone so early? Never mind that Billy and Phyllis are already at Jabot but there’s a horde of teenagers at GC Buzz (teenagers aren’t exactly known to be eager and early risers) Couldn’t Ashley have knocked on Jack’s bedroom door? … I know nobody punches a clock at Jabot but given that Kyle’s supposed to be working hard to prove his value, is it a good idea for him to run off to the club with his Dad without so much as letting anyone know? …. That photo of Hilary at her prom was poorly cropped. The ones of Mariah’s head pasted onto them were even worse.