Wednesday, May 30th

At CL’s, Phyllis gushes about how sexy Billy is as CEO – then is thrilled to hear that Hilary’s pregnant (and looking for the perfect opportunity to tell Devon) Our lives will never be the same.

Sharon comes downstairs to ask Nick what’s troubling him. Nick just got off the phone with the Goldberg Foundation. They’ve offered him a job – in San Diego. Aw too bad – that would have been a great opportunity, Sharon assumes Nick’s not taking it (and is surprised that he’s considering it)

At the park’s outside cafe, Abby raves about Arturo’s wonderful Aunt (who all but danced on the table and kept asking when they’d be getting married) Abby’s ready to face the music at work – but the next time she has luxurious accommodations booked Arturo will be the first person she calls.

In the HWG office, Devon agrees that Hilary really stepped up at the BBQ; Neil’s happy they’re getting along. It’s important to respect your child’s Mother. There might be more than respect goin’ on, Devon admits.

In the club’s dining room, Jack tells Nikki that he saw a gorgeous sunrise from his suite upstairs. Yes, he moved out of the house – and is ready to move on to a fresh start.

Nick wouldn’t mind taking over a huge foundation. But things are going so well for us together – here, Sharon’s surprised that he wants to relocate the whole family to San Diego. This is our home, Sharon doesn’t seem enthused – what happened with the job at Newman? What has Victor done now?

Still at CL’s, Hilary wonders how to give Devon the good news. No, Phyllis won’t dress up as a stork and doesn’t think skywriting is the way to go either – just TELL him. No, Hilary wants the announcement to be unique.

Back at the office, Neil learns that Devon and Hilary aren’t platonic – but they aren’t a couple either. It’s complicated.

At CL’s, Shawna’s embarrassed that she can’t even buy Charlie a coffee (after he let her sleep in his room; him on the floor in case his parents came in) Shawna’s going to stay at her Aunt’s – but it’s more dysfunctional there than her own home. Her brother is in rehab in Colorado (her parents have gone to support him) This is just a short-term solution, Charlie reassures. What’s a short-term solution? Lily appears to ask.