Thursday, May 31st

Seated in the dining room, Abby thinks Nikki must be joking. And no, Arturo definitely didn’t say anything. Nikki broke up with him about four weeks ago when Victor was in the hospital. He knew and was seeing someone too. Uncomfortable, Abby really doesn’t want to hear that her Dad and his wife are swingers. It was nothing like that, Nikki chuckles. She told Arturo that him seeing Abby was too close for comfort. Nikki’s only telling Abby now because she doesn’t want her to get hurt.

Arriving at the club, Mariah takes Nikki aside to blab about Sharon and Nick moving (but has to get to work so has no time to elaborate) much to Nikki’s chagrin.

On the rooftop, Hilary’s on the phone with Billy. She’ll love doing the show poolside for the summer and has renamed the show GC Buzz; Summer In The City. She’s also thrilled that he’ll be her guest today. As Billy hangs up, Phyllis comes in to mention Hilary’s pregnancy (and makes no comment when Billy recalls her making the announcement weeks ago) Today is about ‘Birthday Suit’ – Phyllis is so proud of Billy and will drive him to the club just as soon as she changes into something sexy.

Still at CL’s, Jack notices scantily clad young people walking around with #notanlines written on their bodies. What’s going on? he asks Kyle (who announces that he’s supervising Jabot’s ‘street team’) If you’re lucky Billy might let you pop out of Gloria’s next birthday cake, Jack mocks his son.

Billy and Phyllis arrive on the rooftop looking ‘hip casual’. Aside, Hilary corrects Mariah – it’s Birthday Suit by Jabot, not Jabot’s Birthday Suit. She then updates Phyllis that Devon is thrilled that she’s pregnant.

Down in the dining room, Ashley’s now sitting with Abby – and is also stunned to hear that Nikki had a fling with Arturo. Apparently, she and Dad had an open marriage (which is now closed again) Ashley now realizes why Nikki suggested she reconnect with Victor – and thinks this news will make it easy for Abby to walk away from Arturo. Kyle then comes over in his swimsuit to boast that he and his street team are going viral. Billy canceled a huge magazine ad buy for this, Ashley clearly doesn’t approve. Abby likes the idea (but wants no involvement)

Ashley’s now at home looking at a photo of Kyle (and 2 women) on her phone when Jack comes in. Yes, she’s seen Billy’s latest marketing stunt – in the flesh. Guessing that Jack misses Jabot, Ashley asks him to watch GC Buzz with her. Let’s see how much our brother can embarrass the company. Popcorn? Why the hell not, Jack digs in.

Now wearing a shirt, Kyle thinks Hilary should be interviewing him, not Billy (who’s summoned by Hilary to go on camera)

Hands on her hips, Nikki’s blasting Sharon for Mariah being the one to tell her that she and Nick are moving. We haven’t decided yet – if we do, there’ll be proper goodbyes, Sharon assures. Nikki suspects this has something to do with JT (Mariah knows you’re holding something back) If Sharon leaves town, Nikki warns that all bets are off (regarding the secret they share)