Thursday, May 31st

In Billy’s revamped office, Ashley questions him pulling the marketing plan for ‘Birthday Suit’ (Jabot’s new sunscreen) Billy’s got new ideas but can’t show them to Ashley (the competition) Calling Billy to say that this new marketing strategy is ‘so not cool’, Kyle hangs up and walks in bare-chested. There’s your sneak peek, Billy quips to Ashley.

At home, a flustered Mariah is looking for her car keys – she needs to get to the club’s rooftop asap. Finding Mariah’s keys, Sharon stuns her as she hurries out the door – Nick’s taking a job in San Diego; he, Faith, Christian and me are moving there.

Jack and Phyllis catch up at CL’s. He’s excited about starting a new company; investors are biting but have given him ‘no’s’ so far – one rejection particularly stung.

Nikki joins Abby at the club’s bar to say that she saw her with Arturo on the rooftop earlier. Until recently, I was sleeping with him, she boasts.

Still at home, Sharon tells Mariah about the charity that Nick’s got an opportunity to run. He found out that Victor was trying to pit him against Vikki. Mariah thought Sharon and Nick were going to take things slow. Sharon hasn’t agreed to go yet – she’s weighing the pros and cons (one of which would be leaving Mariah – though she’s always welcome to join them) Near tears, Mariah thinks there’s more to the story. Uprooting the family doesn’t make any sense. Whatever you’re leaving out, you can tell me later, she leaves with an ‘I love you’.

Back at CL’s, Jack whines about Neil and Devon turning him down. Guess his experience doesn’t compete against celebrity spokesmodels and shiny patents. Phyllis knows (through Hilary) that HWG has extended itself with Lily’s modeling agency, Devon’s music label and funding the New Hope project. A new cosmetics company is a big investment. Jack still feels that Neil and Devon have made a mistake they’ll regret. Phyllis is sure Jack will prove that. As for Billy, he’s killin’ it – launching a new product today in fact.

Is there some reason our nephew, a Jabot executive is painted up like a Mardi Gras float? Ashley wonders. You and the world will see it play out live on GC Buzz this afternoon, Billy teases. After Ashley leaves, Kyle doesn’t seem enthused about having hashtags painted all over him. You’ll be marketing directly to our young, female demographic, Billy explains. I have to go out in public like THIS? Kyle balks. Of course not – take your jeans off, Billy orders.