Thursday, May 31st

About to leave the club, Abby declines a call from Arturo and carries on her way.

You’re still here? Sharon comes downstairs to say it’s good Christian slept through Nikki’s shouting and Faith wasn’t home for it. She’ll keep the JT secret no matter where she and Nick live. Now also suspecting that Sharon’s hiding something, Nikki wonders how she convinced Nick to move thousands of miles away. It was HIS idea, Sharon informs.

Side by side, Ashley and Jack watch the show. Hilary and Mariah announce their new summer series starting with a revolutionary product; Birthday Suit by Jabot. Both wearing it, Mariah and Hilary praise accordingly. And who are these gorgeous creatures? A gaggle of models wearing swimsuits appear. On the sidelines, Kyle thinks Billy’s tanking – so removes his shirt and goes onscreen to demonstrate that Birthday Suit is waterproof (by jumping into the pool) When he returns to show off the results, all gasp as Kyle parades over boasting that his hashtags aren’t smeared at all. You forgot something, Mariah covers him. As Kyle’s hustled offscreen, an astonished Jack and Ashley are looking at a ‘please stand by – technical difficulties’ screen (on the TV at home). Back at the rooftop, Billy marches Kyle off while Mariah covers onscreen – well, they sure came up with the perfect name; Birthday Suit – by Jabot.

That was a trainwreck, Jack concludes. Ashley can’t help but feel bad for Billy (though he did bring it on himself and refused help) Both are sure this will hurt sales. And there’s nothing we can do about it, Ashley comments. Jack thinks there is – go into business with me 50/50. Sadly, Ashley can’t trust Jack (though she misses him) Handing over his house keys, Jack says ‘no hard feelings’ and leaves.

Mariah and Hilary wrap up the show by apologizing for the wardrobe malfunction. At the bar, Phyllis and Billy monitor the reaction online. Hilary comes over to blast them – do you have any idea how much trouble Devon and I are in? Obviously not! she marches off.

Still at Sharon’s, Nikki lists everything Nick has going on in GC; New Hope and Newman Enterprises. He’s not going back to Newman, not now, not ever, Sharon all but shoves Nikki out the door – go ask Victor why Nick’s not going back to work for him!

Next week: A blonde in a red sports car drives pas the Genoa City sign on the highway …. You’re a beautiful woman. I enjoy your company. I’ll get us a table, Jack woos the mystery woman at the club .. Move in with me, Devon invites Hilary …. I’m suing you for full custody of my grandson, Victor informs Nick.