Wednesday, May 30th

In Vikki’s office, Abby’s scolded for going away without telling anyone. Next time you leave town, run it by me, she demands.

Forget starting small – Jack plans to hit the health and beauty market like a hurricane – with a full range of fresh, new products. Nikki’s skeptical that Jack can compete with Jabot and Newman. Jack’s not going to worry about Billy or Kyle. He’s off to a meeting. You’ll read about it in the business column – wish me luck (full of optimism, Jack leaves Nikki to look worried)

In the HWG office, Hilary’s about to tell Devon her good news when Jack arrives to apologize for interrupting – he’s about to add the crowning jewel to the Hamilton Winters dynasty. Hilary thought she was about to do the same thing.

Back at CL’s, Lily’s impressed that Charlie was up early to make coffee. After she leaves, Shawna worries – she can’t go to school and her Aunt might tell her parents she skipped; they might call the principal. Charlie has a free period – he can hang out a bit longer and thinks he knows someone who can help.

Nick can’t believe Vikki didn’t know Dad offered him the COO job. He tested me to see if I was ruthless enough to crush Vikki’s dreams. Knowing Nick hoped things would be different, Sharon’s sorry she was right about Victor understands why he would want to find another job – but why San Diego? Dad threatened to take Christian away from me, Nick confides.

It was a couple of days added to a long weekend, Abby doesn’t see the big deal – I didn’t miss anything. Since Vikki’s being controlling and petty, Abby will go speak to Dad about it. He feels the same way and is busy – you’ll have to whine to Dad later about it, Vikki claims. Abby knows her l’il getaway is nothing compared to what Vikki did. Actions have consequences – Vikki certainly knows that. Abby’s confused – is this about you and JT? No – and if Abby can’t develop a thicker skin, Vikki thinks she might want to rethink her career path.

In the HWG office, Jack pitches his project as the ribbon that will wrap everything into the perfect package. So you’re coming to the table as a startup with no funding, production or distribution, Devon’s unenthused. Jack brings a solid track record, reputation and contacts (but no Ashley) Jack’s done a five-year projection that shows it’s a win for everyone. Neil points out that HWG is spread pretty thin at the moment. OK, Jack suggests they begin with a small boutique brand. Neil thanks Jack for giving them a shot and wishes him luck at his other meetings. Jack hoped to work with people he trusts. After he leaves, neither Devon or Neil think it a good fit. When Hilary returns again in hopes of speaking to Devon, he hurries out saying they’ll talk later.

Sharon thinks it a bit over the top for Victor to go public with Christian’s paternity just because Nick rejected his job offer. Dad hoped to hurt me with this news – but the punch didn’t land because I already knew. Your name is on the birth certificate; Sage and Chelsea are gone – Victor couldn’t win in court, could he??? Sharon worries.

Hearing Lily’s phone go off, an impatient Hilary asks if it’s Devon. When he arrives seconds later, Hilary asks to speak to him privately – but Charlie and Shawna arrive eager to talk to her. Not now; tonight or tomorrow, Hilary gently shoos the kids out. In the meantime, Devon’s left for a meeting. He’ll be gone the rest of the day, Lily informs. Phyllis comes up to hear that Hilary hasn’t had a chance to tell Devon. Don’t give up – Phyllis sends her over to enlist Auntie Lily’s help.

Downstairs at the club’s bar, Jack isn’t surprised when Neil has no good news, but some good advice – take a sabbatical; you might regret leaving the company you poured your heart and soul into.

On the CL’s patio, Arturo gets a text from Abby – want to go back to Miami?

Sharon’s sure Victor can’t take Christain away from Nick. He’s bluffing – what can he use to remove Chrisitan from his home? Nick wants to start over in a new city, with a new career far away. Sharon doesn’t want Nick to make decisions out of fear – we can fight. But yes, she will think about Nick’s desire to start fresh elsewhere.

Sharon finds Jack scowling at the club. She’s had a rough day too – nothing’s ever easy, is it? Yes, Jack’s had the rug pulled out from under him today but he’s still looking forward to a fresh start. Sharon’s not sure she wants a change. Make something happen, Jack admits he’s giving them both himself and Sharon a pep talk. Clinking glasses, they toast to being strong enough for whatever lies ahead.