Wednesday, May 30th

On the CL’s patio, Charlie convinces Shawna to sneak into his room one more night (he really likes sleeping on the floor) It’ll all work out ~hug~

At the park cafe, Nick updates Vikki that he’s got a job offer in San Diego. That’s so far away, Vikki hates the thought of losing her brother. You’re gaining a cool place to bring your kids for the summer, Nick pitches the bright side. It’s not just Dad – he has an opportunity to do something big that Victor can’t touch. Of course, Vikki’s happy for Nick (who hopes Sharon will agree)

Devon comes home to the penthouse to find Hilary at his door. He’s sorry he’s been so busy and is just here for a change of clothes. You’re not leaving until you hear me out, Hilary’s firm.

Now inside, Hilary pulls out large printouts of their baby photos and tells Devon to turn around. OMG – we’re having a baby, he hugs her.

Back at the house, Nick asks Sharon what she’s thinking about. Where we’ll live – where Faith will go to school – selling the coffee house etc, etc. So, the answer’s yes? Nick’s hopeful. What about Mariah? Sharon wonders. Nick knows there’s a lot of decisions to be made – but their future is in San Diego. Nick won’t go without Sharon but it really feels like the right move.

On the rooftop, Abby catches herself and refuses to whine about Vikki. Instead, she’ll enjoy a drink with Arturo (since they can’t go back to Miami) As they kiss, Nikki walks by and catches an eyeful of her former lover and stepdaughter.

Next: Billy takes charge … Nikki confronts Abby about Arturo …. Kyle starts something.

My Thoughts: With Jack and Neil running a charitable foundation together it’s probably not a good idea that they also go into business together (especially since Jack doesn’t have the finances to kickstart his new cosmetics company) He may have decades of experience and a Rolodex of contacts – but that doesn’t pay for a location, staff, chemists etc. etc. And why doesn’t anyone sign non-compete/non-disclose contracts? …. Lily certainly didn’t take long to find a baby photo of Devon and enlarge it. I was expecting Hilary to have her and Devon’s photos merged in Photoshop to show what their baby might look like…. Neil’s supposed to be a PR expert all of a sudden – but yesterday, on stage – he said ‘my company’ is the sponsor – he didn’t even say the company name … What about Mariah? Sharon asks with a straight face. She’s an adult with a full-time job who’s never really lived with a family. I’m sure she’ll be just fine. In fact, considering she’s bisexual, Mariah would probably have a lot more fun in San Diego…. Oh my – Nikki certainly didn’t seem pleased to see Arturo all over Abby. Since you can’t have your cake and eat it too you may as well go home and enjoy your German Bratwurst.