Friday, June 1st

Twice in one day – how lucky can I get? Jack’s delighted to find Farrah at the club’s bar. Dinner? Making it clear that she won’t do anything unethical (like lose a bid) Farrah agrees to dinner – at Top of the Tower; your treat. Of course, Jack extends his arm and escorts her out.

In the penthouse, Phyllis is showing Billy just how hot she thinks he is….. The blonde driving (now through the night) picks up her phone to reject a call from ‘PAX’….Billy and Phyllis forego the bedroom in favour of the sofa. The blond woman parks and steps out of her car, locks it and walks towards her destination.

Still at the club, Nikki asks how Nick took the news. He already knew, Victor informs. Nikki weeps – why didn’t you tell me? Victor saw no need – everything was fine until he insisted on access to his grandson. Nick’s determined to keep me away from Christian. And what will Victor do? He’ll proceed as Adam would want him to (he won’t lose another heir)

Back in Charlie’s room, Shawna gives him a kiss (on the cheek) for being so nice and reassuring. Her parents will expect her in Colorado when school’s out. We’ll figure something out, Charlie’s sure. Both are so happy they met. Shawna could never get through this without him.

Hilary would be raising their baby right across the hall from Devon if Neil and Jack hadn’t intervened. She understands why Neil’s looking out for his son *sigh* I told him I wanted to live across the hall so you wouldn’t miss out on anything with the baby. Yes, that was true – but also, Hilary wouldn’t want to miss anything while their child’s with Devon. He has a solution – move in with me. Hilary’s blown away – but worried how Lily and Neil will react. It’s not about them – we both want to be there for our baby, Devon concludes that the harder people try to pull us apart, the closer they push us together ~hug~

‘Hey Mom – Hi Billy’ Both are stunned to have their sofa make-out session abruptly interrupted by the arrival of Summer.

My Thoughts: If Farrah (the realtor) looks familiar, you might recognize Erika Girardi from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with Eileen Davidson (Ashley) So it wouldn’t be surprising if the two had a run in next week while Jack’s wining and dining her … Shawna can’t just disappear and hide out in Charlie’s bedroom except for random visits to the busiest coffee shop in town. Won’t her Aunt notify the police? Charlie’s right – Lily would know what to do. She’d probably let Shawna stay in the spare room – if it wasn’t already housing Cane’s illegitimate baby. I guess Charlie’s forgotten that there’s also a nanny in the house? She seems to be doing a great job; we rarely hear a peep from Sam … Odd that Hilary would say the penthouse would be too big for Neil. Years ago, he knocked out the only other apartment on his floor to make himself a huge apartment that was big enough for his family of four. The penthouse would be a downsize for him …. Why didn’t you tell me? Nikki wails to Victor (about Nick not being Christian’s Father) Why didn’t she ask how he found out? And wonder why, all of a sudden, when he and Nick are finally getting along – Victor would have to ‘insist’ on access to his grandson? Victor’s leaving out a very important part that Nikki’s bound to find out – Victor offering Vikki’s job to Nick and lying to him by saying she knew and was OK with it. THAT’S what changed Nick’s mind. And Victor’s NOT proceeding as Adam would want – he pleaded with both Jack and Nick to be guardians with the goal of keeping Victor away from his sons .. I don’t see the point in Billy installing a window – for transparency – if the blinds are closed…. Welcome home Summer! I suppose she can get involved with Kyle again – until/unless it’s discovered that Victor and Jack were both fathered by Albert Miller (?) … How wonderful that Birthday Suit is a hit – how fortunate that there were no minors on the rooftop at the time. But just because the product is selling doesn’t mean HWG and Jabot are immune from a lawsuit….. Weird thought to wrap up with – but Summer’s shoes are too big.