Friday, June 1st

On the Cl’s patio, Shawna gets a text from Hilary. She’s not available this afternoon – what will I do? she worries. Lily comes along to greet Charlie and say she’d love to meet Shawna’s parents sometime. They’re out of town, Shawna explains with a smile – then worries some more when Lily goes to get coffee.

Showing both Neil and Hilary around the penthouse, Farrah excuses herself to take a call – leaving the pair to bicker. There’s reasons your marriage failed, Neil reminds. There’s also reasons we got married, Hilary fires back. Living across from Devon is ideal, she claims.

As Gloria brings Jack into Chelsea’s penthouse, they’re surprised to find Farrah, Neil and Hilary there. Jack wants to put in an offer immediately. Neil thinks he’ll make the best offer. As the men follow Gloria into the kitchen, Hilary whines to Farrah that she won’t win a bidding war. Offer what you can, Farrah will do her best. Hilary listens as Gloria takes Jack aside to ask how high he’ll go.

Phyllis meets Billy at the rooftop bar. That saying ‘no publicity is bad publicity’ is true. Tell me more, Kyle struts over all full of himself – seems he read the same sales report Phyllis did.

Meeting Victor at the club, Nikki scolds him for working so hard and quickly detects that he did something to make Nick consider moving to San Diego.

Now seated on the rooftop, Phyllis tells Billy that Birthday Suit is flying off the shelves. You’re out-of-the-box thinking is working. Kyle thinks HE should get the credit (for dropping his swim trunks on purpose) I gave it my all, literally. Where’s my reward? he pouts when Phyllis kisses Billy. Both ignore Kyle as they leave hand in hand.

If Hilary can’t help, Shawna’s not sure what she’ll do – her parents are always focused on her brother (and his addiction) Charlie thinks his Mom might help. Shawna disagrees – she’ll call my parents and I’ll end up back at my Aunt’s. Lily rejoins the couple on the patio to say they’d love to host Shawna’s family for a BBQ.

Seated across from one another at a table in the penthouse, Hilary tries to convince Neil that she should get the penthouse. Across the room, Gloria hands Jack’s sealed bid to Farrah (who will scan and send all three offers to the seller) May the best person win, Hilary smiles.

A blonde woman smiles into her rearview mirror as she accelerates when driving by the ‘Genoa City welcomes you’ sign.

Ending a call, Nikki resumes her whining – guessing she’ll have to handle a lot more if Nick moves. He was all excited about going back to NE and now he wants to get far away – what happened so suddenly? Sharon told me to ask YOU. Victor drops the bomb on Nikki – he told Nick the truth; Christian is not his biological son, he’s Adam’s.

Devon finds a sticky note on his front door (directing him to the penthouse next door) He’s surprised when Hilary answers the door and invites him inside.