Tuesday, June 5th

Now back at the apartment, Phyllis knows Summer’s not looking forward to the disappointed look in her Father’s eyes (and goes to call Nick) Do you believe me? Summer asks Billy (who’s trying to be neutral)

When Nick walks off to take Phyllis’ call, Mariah tells Sharon that she was there when Summer was arrested. Nick returns to update that Summer’s been charged with felony auto theft – there must be an explanation. Mariah thinks the logical explanation is that Summer stole the car.

Devon serves Hilary OJ and seltzer to welcome her to his penthouse. He toasts to her, their child and their future.

Seconds after Neil walks into his new penthouse, a mover shows up with boxes. Hilary comes out to say it’s her stuff. Neil’s not thrilled to learn that Hilary will be his neighbor.

Nick and Sharon barge into the apartment. If Billy stays, so does Sharon. Summer comes down to express surprise that her Dad’s back with Sharon. Chiding her for not replying to his messages, Nick gives Summer a hug and asks what’s going on.

On the rooftop, Jack doesn’t understand why his generous offer and great night out with Farrah didn’t secure him the penthouse. Farrah had fun with Jack but her night didn’t end there. Neil summoned her to the club to up his bid – all cash. Nothing personal.

In Devon’s penthouse, Neil’s pleased to be living beside his son – but might have reconsidered his bid if he knew Hilary would be his neighbor. After Hilary takes her cue to leave, Devon makes it clear that he’s in no mood for a lecture. Moving Hilary in will allow him to be there for their baby’s milestones. Neil wonders if Hilary’s plan goes beyond that.

Still at the apartment, Summer explains that she dated a guy who got too clingy. Pax gave her a hard time when she tried to end things – so I threatened to tell his wife (which shouldn’t be shocking to this room full of cheaters) Pax gave me the car so I wouldn’t tell Poppy. She doubts Pax called the cops; it was probably Poppy. When did you become such a square? Summer asks her Mom. Aside, Summer shares her opinion of her Dad reconciling with Sharon and isn’t happy to hear he’s moving to San Diego. Summer’s grown while away – she’s her Mother’s daughter (until Phyllis went ‘soft’)

Jack shows up at Neil’s new penthouse with a bottle of sparkling pear cider. He hopes Adam’s ghost haunts him. Neil informs that Hilary’s across the hall; she’s scarier than any ghost.