Tuesday, June 5th

On the rooftop, Hilary tells Mariah that Neil bought the penthouse across from Devon’s. His family will try everything to mess this up for her and Devon.

Billy and Summer have a chat about responsibilities. Summer knows she shouldn’t have taken the car – it was a mistake. Billy suggests she think before she acts. Please don’t become as boring as my Mom, Summer pleads (though she knows he’s fearless – like Kyle’s stunt the other day)

Nick comes home to update Sharon that they’re going to have their hands full with Summer. He’s also talked to Britney Hodges about the custody case. She thinks I have a chance to beat Victor. Just a chance? Sharon’s disappointed.

To your new home, Jack toasts Neil (who knows he’s disappointed) Jack was also disappointed that HWG rejected his business offer – and that he’s not John Abbott’s biological son. Something is missing.

When Hilary comes home, Devon wondered where all her stuff came from. Where will I put my clothes? she wonders. There are two bedrooms. One could be a closet. Hilary pretends not to be disappointed when Devon suggests Hilary’s stuff go in the guest room.

Phyllis whines to Billy that her daughter’s dating married men and stealing cars. Billy assures Phyllis that she’s not square. Summer comes down to joke that they take it upstairs – or hang a tie on the doorknob so I don’t barge in.

Nick knows Victor wouldn’t have filed for custody if he didn’t think he could win. Sharon realizes that she could harm Nick’s case (and lists all the terrible things she’s done) I’m a menace to society. You don’t stand a chance of winning with me involved. Nick gives her a hug.